Toilets Classification and design features

Toilets: Classification and Constructive Features

Today, such a necessary adaptation, as the toilet, has not yet applied the concept of prestige, and it is also completely awkward about his consumer properties. We are not accepted to give special toilet. But in many European countries there is a special philosophy of this corner, which under any circumstances should remain pure and comfortable, where everyone can stay alone with their thoughts. Whatever it was, the word "Comfort "closely connected with the toilet room, given that a wide choice that manufacturers of plumbers provide us today.

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Photo Gallery: Toilets: Classification and Constructive Features

Despite big changes, on the way from "Sortyr "To today’s porcelain-fayans, we are still asking for toilet. But he is the main center of the toilet room. Like other plumbing, toilet bowls can be divided into two types: outdoor and mounted. Any of these species can serve as an ordinary either built into the wall of the Bach. The most common combination is considered when the toilet and the tank are two separate elements. Although do not forget about the monoblock, where the toilet and the tank are one whole. But such structures are not less popular. They are easy to install and have a lot of advantages. For example, in contrast to separate models in monoblocks, the distance from the floor to the tank cover is significantly less. However, in contrast to the same traditional devices, they cost more.

Toilets Classification and design features

Choosing an outdoor toilet, you should pay special attention to its height. After all, here you need to think first of all about the convenience of using the highest family member. First of all, you should look at the models that best allow you to relax the muscles of the belly, the waist, the pelvis, as well as the legs. Such a dilemma may occur: choose an outdoor or mounted toilet. It should be noted here that outdoor models are much easier to mount. But the mounted toilet will be good if there is a technological niche in the wall in which you can install a tank. In this case, it is impossible to save room space.

The price of model toilet models from various manufacturers can be very different. More extent, the cost of toilezes depends on their brand, material quality (color, gloss, durability), design, technological and design features. The price of Russian and Chinese producers is often є 50. The most expensive products are produced by companies such as Matteo, Thun, Keramag, Mosaik, IDO, Novatop and Kolo.

Separate attention should be paid to the toilet bowls performed in retro style. Their main distinguishing features of steel elegant forms, original paintings and brass handles designed for water descent. Retrunitase – this is primarily a aesthetic and practical device that has a nickel-plated crane, managed by a special pedal. Drains in retro-model produced different ways: on the system "jerny for the rope ", pulling the rod, turn the lever, pressing on the contamus, or on the touch panel. The cost of such retrofitzes, as a rule, is from є 100. Especially impressive prices are distinguished by design models, the price of which reaches є 3000. Domestic manufacturers remain the most popular developers of inexpensive products. But among manufacturers of special models, you can allocate Heritage and Twyford.

Also important toilet are also important in which the special emphasis is placed on convenience and security. These are toilet bowls for people with disabilities, namely people with disabilities and older people. The volume of products of such models is quite small, since it is not in great demand. However, the cost of such toilet suits is quite high. For example, IDO has two models of toilet bowls with folding armrests for disabled people and elderly. Their armrests are made of aluminum and are able to withstand the load up to 300kg. Trevi series toilets are distinguished by a greater height for people with sore joints. Specialized toilet – the device is not cheap. However, there are alternatives.

For example, there is an option to install special handrails, thanks to which you can transfer from a carriage to the toilet.

Today in the world there is a huge selection of various types of toilet bowls. Many manufacturers provide a wide range of this plumbing element. It is worth remembering that the toilet room is a toilet room. And refer to his choice follows with special attention.

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