Toilet Water Spray Bright Crystal from Versace

Toilet Water Spray Bright Crystal from Versace

When I just bought, and it was in the summer, the fragrance really liked. But after 5 days, I could not use it, such a feeling began to arise that some kind of cheap teenage smell. My rowers may remember how the years in 15- 16 were such toilet waters cheap Sexy Girl and Sexy Lips, at that age and at that time it was nothing. So this Bright Crystal from Versace really reminded me of these water, perhaps this is only I have such associations. But in today’s choice of perfumes and age not 15 years, I did not use this fragrance. Somehow at all, for me personally, a cheap smell. Too simple, fresh and uninteresting, unless the bottle and the lid are beautiful (but even they look like those long-standing cheap water). My girlfriend is bald by him, and here it is not at all, she gave it to her, let the baldette.)))

And I like it for the summer

And I already wrote somewhere, my husband said that this perfume smells of flavored rubber products No. 1)))

I agree with the author, the smell is no.

Sexy Girl and Sexy Lip is from my youth! But this "toilet" caused other associations. I smell reminds something sweet, candy . The flavor is absolutely not disclosed on the skin, flat, really for girls not older than 15 years!

Oh, I remember these Sexy Girl and Sexy Lips, class 7-8 somewhere. They themselves were, at that time I really liked))))) Fresh such. We have in school it was cool))))) straight nostalgia. Just i’m your peer.

I think he is like Light version of Dior Addict 2.I can not say that he is some bad.I just love more complex and saturated flavors.

I adore Dior Addict 2, they do not seem simple to me, very interesting, albeit light fragrance. And I do not understand why it compares it with Versace? The latter is generally promotion and unsubstantified.

It seems to me they have a general note, but addict2 is stronger and more resistant.

My favorite. Smell in summer and first date. Stunning smell.

Toilet Water Spray Bright Crystal from Versace

And I really like the smell! That he is simple and there is a raisin of summer fragrance.

This is your favorite spirits.

I join the fans of this fragrance.

My Versa, to work in the country)

I adore this TV. For a year now I give preference only to her. I sincerely do not understand how about Bright Crystal can be said that the fragrance is no . What he and what else. In my opinion a very gentle and sexy fragrance. Refers to flower-fruit. I do not like too loop smells when it fragments on the whole street so to speak, and I love when the fragrance is felt within the meter radius, in your personal zone. Versace Bright Crystal just such! On my skin, he is pretty resistant, enough three pshiks in the morning and grabs all day. Noticed for a long time that when I am in him, then the surrounding notice "how do i tasty smell" ))) Everything dream of a gel for the shower and milk for the body of the same series, but something in no way to purchase = (

But literally last week changed Bright Crystal with Acqua Di Gioia from Giorgio Armani, a little variety wanted =)

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