Together better advice on the combination of wine and cheese

Together better: tips on a combination of wine and cheese

What kind of wine is better to reveal Gorgonzola and Cheddar and why white wines are less demanding than red.

Everything that happens after spring 2020 is automatically falling under the wording "post-shaped period". We began to talk like that because Coronavirus made too many changes in our lives. Mostly, of course, negative, but also the pros in it too.

"Corona" made many to understand how much we, it turns out, fuss, trying to all and everywhere, and how badly actually know ourselves. An uncomfortable situation pushed a person to listen to himself – to figure out what he really wants, and most importantly – can.

The promotion was organized by: the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Roundation, the Alliances of Vineyards and winemakers, Kavistov, Restaurateurs and Retail Market Experts.

Along with winemaking, private domestic downtown began to develop. Because Cabernet Sauvignon without a despicable Cheddar, the same thing is that semi-dry rice without border. Separately cool, but together is still better!

You will know which cheese is suitable for red, white and dessert wines, as well as what is connected with. Plus a pleasant bonus will be a detailed table with combinations of different varieties.

Cheese to white guilt

White wines are less demanding than red – they are combined with many cheeses. All because white wines do not contain tanins (tannic acid), so suitable for various cheese snacks. Exception is only cheese with blue mold, as it will rather ride, and will not strengthen the taste of the wine itself.

Wine from the classic variety of white grapes Chardonon "will sound" better with the brie cheese. Also, complex fruit and floral flavors of Chardonnon are perfectly combined with a sharp taste of soft cow cheese with a coast with a crust (according to the type of French cheese EPUC).


Light red wines, for example, Pinot Noir from the author’s line of wine Oleg Repin or Beaujolais are well combined with such semi-chair flavored cheeses as talled. Also light red wines perfectly complement semi-solid cheeses with walnut notes in taste. For example, Gruyer. If you prefer softer cheeses, then try to combine red wine with fruit tones with ripe brie cheeses or Camembert.

Such rich red wines like Shiraz and Zinfandel are perfectly combined with similar intensity cheeses. Pick to them solid, strale cheeses that are best served with a slightly fried grilled bread.

Together better advice on the combination of wine and cheese

On a note: All cheeses should be room temperature – they need to get from the refrigerator at least an hour before filing to the table, otherwise their flavors will not have time to completely disclose.

Cheese to dessert guilt

The dessert wines tend to serve the most fragrant cheeses, because the taste of Dorbly, Cheddar and Gorgonzola in combination with a sweet bouquet of Cabernet Sauvignon is transformed into something unusual and tasty.


If you doubt, choosing cheese to guilt or vice versa, then remember two simple rules:
1. To fatty cheeses – lighter wines.
2. The more pronounced and complex taste is cheese, the richer and more powerful should be.

Table combinations of different varieties of wine and cheese

To better systematize information about cheese and wines, we made a table. These recommendations are not absolute truth. The main thing is to rely on when forming a cheese plate and the choice of wine – these are your taste preferences and the pleasure that you get from a combination. Therefore, some one particular algorithm in this case does not exist, there are only landmarks.

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