Today you donor, and tomorrow patient. Insure it impossible “why donate blood and how to help

"Today you donor, and tomorrow patient. Insure it impossible ": why donate blood and how to help childless couples

From curiosity to pass blood, from the interest to jump with a parachute, want to help childless couples and become a donor of eggs. April 20, in the national day of blood donor, Maria Egorova, the Foundation Employee "Give Life", tells about why it is really important for her.

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I became a donor almost by chance. In 2008, I saw the declaration of the Foundation "Give Life" on the doors of the MSU hostel, torn the phone and put in his pocket. And then found him and called the blood transfusion department from curiosity. It turned out, donate blood – easy and simple. I didn’t have any side effects, although for the first time I listened to my feelings for a long time. I am generally important to understand what happens to me. For example, when I first jumped with a parachute, I also thought that it was and for what. In a parachute sport I went, just because it is curious and inquisitive. I’m interested in everything.

And globally in donation I was drawn my personal story. In the Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital, where I was a volunteer "Give Life", from severe blood illness (aplastic anemia) was treated by the Saleh Gasym-Zade. And when he needed granulocytes, special blood cells that are responsible for immunity, I became his donor. The situation was critical, the doctors did everything possible, but could not save it. And even my granulocytes did not help. This situation made a strongest impression on me. But I was not disappointed in donation, on the contrary, I realized that I needed other people, I can help.

Certificate of Honorary Donor That I became the honorary donor to me a colleague reported. I just gave blood, did it regularly, first once a month, now every two or three months. The status of the honorary donor gives some benefits, for example, by rent. And also free travel in transport, Moscow Region, and this, of course, nice.

Although other advantages, such as additional weekends, which give donors, I never used. Mostly because I feel so bad feeling. In addition, I am absolutely sure that the donation should be free: health is given to me from nature, and I just share it with those who are lucky less. After all, how it turns out: today you are a donor, and tomorrow the patient. Imagine impossible.

I always thought that the honorary blood donors a lot. But it turned out that there are many of them among volunteers and fund employees. It’s just such a small world with a high concentration of honorary donors. By the way, my grandmother – Honorary Donor of the USSR. She worked as a nurse, the whole war handed over blood. How she did it from a tiny soldering, which she relied, it is for me, of course, a mystery. She lived to 97 years. I think her experience gave me strength and curiosity. And how nice to my dad see in one box not only her icon, but also my! He loved his mother very much and in me, the only daughter, sees her continuation.

With the ward of the Foundation "Give Life" Anton

By the way, I have experience and other donation. Once I had to plunge into the topic of cancer and, as a result, cryopreservation (sperm and egg) for adult wards of our Foundation. I was looking for suppliers of these services, and at the same time I studied the topic of Eco, I realized that modern medicine could give to families who were not able to dream of children before.

When I realized that I could help childless couples, I became an egg donor. And now I am a biological mother of several children. I am very pleased that I could participate in this. In addition, I received monetary compensation, which transferred to the Foundation "Give Life". Being a blood donor is just a matter of culture, a good attitude to those who got into trouble, sick, not like that. Therefore, I will donate blood until health allows.

Foundation "Give Life" helps children with oncological and severe hematological diseases to receive qualified modern treatment. So that the Foundation is able to maintain even more children – become a blood donor or subscribe to monthly donations .

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