Today – day without internet

Today – day without internet

Every year the last Sunday of January (this year 31.01.) There is a very unusual celebration in the world – day without internet. It seems strange: why such a day when the Internet is an excellent opportunity for self-education, the maintenance of communication, and in general – the serious achievement of humanity? The goal of this is pretty an unusual holiday is to inspire people at least one day in a year in the real world, dedicating time to loved ones, friends or your hobby in real life. Learn about the unusual date a little more.

When the International Day appeared without the Internet?

Celebration This is very young and not even reached the age of majority: it was celebrated only in the early 2000s at the initiative of the British Institute of Social Inventions. I wonder what they offered to introduce active Internet users. True, to compare the entry of the Internet into the life of a person then and now – meaningless: first, and the number of users 10-15 years ago were several times less (over the past 10 years their number has increased to 3 billion people, t.E. 5 times); Secondly, today, without a global network, it is impossible to imagine almost no lives of life; Thirdly, then there was no such a variety of social networks, and they did not count such a huge number of "clearer" – and therefore, it was much easier to delay people from computers.

If earlier, many considered the Internet for fun, today it is also a source of information (along with reference books), the media (gradually displacing television, radio and newspapers), with him closely related education, culture, charity, business, communication.

And what does the day of many people in developed countries look like? Morning starts with a cup of coffee and browse in the news, visits to social.Networks. In the afternoon, many are connected with him again, the Internet is sending letters, advertising, Skype and T.D. In the evening – rest under your favorite movie, which can be downloaded from the right place and watch online – without annoying advertising or putting on a pause, if you need to leave the kitchen for the sandbody. What we definitely be back, if forget at home in the morning? Of course, behind the phone or smartphone. What we take with you, running on a minute to the store, except wallet? Of course, communications. Choosing how to talk with friends if we cannot meet, we increasingly give the Skype preference – and free, and see a person you can! And where are we looking for audio books and reading books, recipes, answers to questions of interest on psychology or phone numbers Polyclinic phones or tax? Many of my friends are deliberately get rid of paper books (they say, why store dust collectors), audio and video discs, telephone directories, as well as various photocopy, making themselves electronic copies and downloading to cloudy repository. And many people spend on the Internet significant (and even more) part of the day – because it is with him a job (copywriters, programmers, system administrators and t.D.)

It is clear that with such a situation, pull out a person from the Internet for a day seems to be no longer quite real. And therefore the creators of the day without the Internet ask a reasonable question (which everyone has to solve for themselves): And maybe a modern person today at least one day to spend entirely without computer and Internet? Moreover, the organizers of the event emphasize that they have nothing against the network, considering it by the "supplier" of many possibilities. Day without internet, they assure – this is primarily the opportunity to convince oneself and others that in the real world is no less interesting than in virtual. They urge to spend one day interesting and fascinating, but at the same time forgetting about the existence of the Internet for 24 hours.

Today - day without internet

Than you can do?

What to do if your job is connected with the Internet?

After work – to forget about the Internet, without climbing in it for personal (workers not counting) goals (social. network, news, surfing, etc.). Although not in vain, probably, the organizers offered to celebrate the day without the Internet at the weekend – it always falls on Sunday, t.E. To as many people could support the holiday.

Like you still on the Internet? Quickly turn off the computer and celebrate, because this date is only once a year!

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