To whom and why you can not make plastic surgery Opinion Surgeon

To whom and why it is impossible to make plastic surgery: the opinion of the surgeon

Now it is not a problem to correct what is not satisfied with your own appearance as soon as possible. Plastic operations have become available for any person, so almost everyone can afford to change the shape of the nose or chest. However, in some cases, the surgeon has the right to refuse to the patient in the plastic surgery.

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Refusal of medical testimony

Of course, most often surgeons denied a particular plastic surgery for medical testimony. For example, in the period of exacerbation of infectious and chronic diseases from plastics it is better to refuse. It is not known how the body behaves in this case and will not exacerbate the disease. Oncology, diseases of the immune system, heart attack and stroke may also refer to contraindications to plastic operations.

Many are confident that with such diseases as HIV, AIDS, hepatitis, hike to plastic surgeon is forever closed. However, questions with plastic in the case of these diseases are solved on prior consultation individually.

Of course, during pregnancy it is undesirable to make any plastic operations. Match them with them and during lactation. The young mother has enough worries and without a rehabilitation period.

Refusal due to age

Many are confident that the decision to cancel the plastic surgery can affect age. Sometimes young girls are treated for plastic surgeons with a request to change them, for example, the shape of the nose. Teens usually do not know how to cope with their complexes. However, in this case, the surgeon has the right to refuse. The appearance of the adolescent is still formed and surgery at this age is absolutely nothing to do. After all, the slightest changes on the face can visually change its proportions. Therefore, in this case, it is better to wait a few years.

To whom and why you can not make plastic surgery Opinion Surgeon

The same applies to women in old age. Many people think that a specialist may refuse the operation for this reason. However, if the state of health allows, the plastic surgery can be performed in old age.

Refusal for psychological reasons

Many surgeons face people to be denied plastic precisely for psychological reasons. For example, if a person comes to a preliminary consultation with high expectations. Many customers are waiting for, as soon as they change the shape of the nose, they will immediately pay a mortgage and will find a soul mate. Of course, any aesthetic plastic surgery significantly improves human self-esteem. However, it is unlikely to cope with more global tasks. When the expectations are not justified, the person begins to blame the surgeon in everything, demand money back and t. D.

The second case by which a specialist may refuse plastic, a little more difficult. In the modern world, people began to worry much more because of their appearance than before. Similar social networks, TV and glossy magazines. A person compares himself with other people and finds more and more flaws in its own appearance. There are even those who are confident that nature has awarded their ugly appearance.

P. S. Remember that all cases are individual. And if your friend denied plastic because of age, it does not mean that you are also waiting for a refusal. First of all it is worth finding a good clinic and a qualified specialist. It is the doctor who can tell you about all the nuances of the upcoming operation. In any case (before the operation), it will be necessary to sign up for a preliminary consultation in order to solve all the issues arising.

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