To whom a torn bang

To whom a torn bang?

When the soul requires a change, but a woman is not ready for fundamental changes, it usually changes the color of the hair or cuts the bangs. The last option is really capable of changing the appearance.

For several seasons in a row, hair-stylists recommend fashionable to look at the torn bangs. It contributes to the image of negligence, lightness and even keenness. It all depends on your mood and laying. Let’s find out who she is suitable and what happens.

Wonderful transformations

The main feature of torn bangs is that it is suitable for any type of haircut due to its varieties:

  1. Long. Harmoniously looks almost on all types of face. This is a great option for those engaged in the ladies, because it does not require special laying. Enough just use forceps to align. Such a change in appearance will give elegance girls.
  2. Short. Will be to the face of the ladies with the soft features of the face, giving him even greater tenderness. In addition, it has an incredible "rejuvenating effect". Especially harmonious will look like on an oval and triangular face. This is one of the most favorite styles of young girls.
  3. Kosya. It looks fashionable and creatively, helping to hide some disadvantages of appearance, and attracting attention to expressive eyes. This option can afford all the representatives of the beautiful sex. True, in the case of curly or couch hair, you will have to spend quite a lot of time on the laying.
  4. To whom a torn bang
  5. Straight. It is perfectly combined with cascading haircuts and medium length hair. In addition, rare strands will help close the high forehead and make an oval face more round.

Highly compound options will also look great in the company with a haircut made on short hair – "Bob" or "Pixie".

Women whom Nature has not awarded dense curls should not be upset. Ripped edge – perfect option. It gives airiness and ease hairstyle. If the whole haircut is performed in this style, it will help to visually narrow too wide cheekbones and soften the rough features.

For long chapels Hair stylists recommend choosing a rare bang committed in the form of an arch.

Short variation fit hard hair. But the length of strands should not be less than 6-7 cm, otherwise they will be like protruding wire.

To give a look of greater effect, you can use staining of torn tips in a brighter color. Such a jewelry work of the hairdresser will pay off with interest – the face will be fresher and younger.

Work can be done with scissors, but most often for this special blade is used. With it, neat cuts make, which not only give a beautiful form, but also lock the curls from the cross section.

Healthy and well-groomed hair – an indispensable condition of an attractive appearance. And correctly selected and trimmed torn bangs can give any type of individuality and charm. Do not be afraid of change, because they are always for the better!

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