To help newcomers What you need to know about training in the gym

To help a novice: what you need to know about training in the gym

From how much time you need to do beginners and how to properly distribute the time between cardio and power training? Personal coach club «Platform» Marina Shkhermankova explains how to harm himself in the gym and how the training program for girls should look like.

Marina Shkhermankova

Personal coach of the club "Platform"

Do not overload yourself at the beginning of training

At the beginning, stick to the gentle regime, coming to the gym, – two workouts a week will be enough. The body should adapt, get used to loads, and muscles «Perebele». Do 30-40 minutes to get used to the mode and stretch. You can then go to workouts 3-4 times a week to 60-70 minutes.

Determine the purpose of training

Often the purpose of the girl’s classes in the gym – Lose weight. In this case, my advice – do «Bundles» During training. It can be a mix of several exercises, between which you do not relax. By the way, such a plan also reduces the workout time – You can cope in 45 minutes.


Making up a workout plan for a girl in the gym, always advise you to deal with a 50/50 scheme. 50% – Cardio and 50% – Power load. And 25% Cardio before training and 25% – after. This is a great scheme if your goal – fat burning.

If you want to get volumes or, for example, to pump up the buttocks, focus on the power training with high weights.

Usually, girls with training want to maintain a common shape, so you need to work with large muscle groups, legs, buttocks, press. Strengthen the upper part of the chest can once a week – For girls of this more than enough.


The most important thing in the hall – follow technician. Do not train with dumbbells and do not lean the disc with the sutowe – All this can lead to injuries. Focus on doing exercises. Feel the muscle group with which you work, sending a nervous impulse.

Do not mix power and functional training

To help newcomers What you need to know about training in the gym

Once a week, allocate time on functional training if you want to develop stamina and strengthen the cardiovascular system. Do not mix a few techniques, otherwise the training will be shot down, and you will not work well all exercises. Another option of the exercise for girls – Two power and one cardiography per week. If you do only Cardio, do not work at least 40 minutes.


For newcomers of two or three approaches for each exercise will be enough. When you adapted, you can do four approaches in the gym. For girls, this is the best option.

The main thing is that you feel the muscles during exercise. That is, on the last repetitions should be really hard, only so classes in the gym will be effective.

Eat before training

Be sure to eat two hours before you start training.

In the gym on the hungry stomach, you will almost immediately feel weakness, it will lay the ears. In extreme cases, snack banana. In training anyway a lot of calories will burn.

If you are waiting for a heavy power training, eat a carbohydrate dish (for example, porridge). And before cardiotrerization it is not necessary. During training, drink so much water as you want.

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