Tips for the beauty of your skin, except for the main care of it – exercise and recreation

Tips for the beauty of your skin, except for the main care of it – exercise and recreation

Classes in the gym benefit not only your waist. In fact, exercise classes are very important for your skin health. Why? A small sweating enhances blood circulation, which plays a major role in the supply of oxygen and nutrients of the body cells, and also displays toxins from it, including free radicals. This cycle has the basic meaning for health and appearance of your skin.

In addition, a healthy combination of cardiovascular exercises and power training helps to discard excess weight and leads to muscle tone, and these are two factors that help the skin look healthy and tightened, and also minimize cellulite cellulite appearance – illness or inevitability? . And in the end, exercise facilitate skin production of natural oils, which give a healthy and moistened view of your skin.

To strengthen the effect of performing exercise, do not overlap makeup during class. Cosmetics can clog your pores, delaying the sweating and causing acne. Always drink plenty of water and carefully coat from head to feet after sports.

Sleep is of great importance

It does not matter what you do in life, sit at home and engage in raising children or build your career, most likely, you do not fall out more often than you get enough sleep. Although it is impossible to make a long day, studies show that the lack of sleep may have a negative impact on human health, including excess weight, low immunity and skin problems.

How the dream affects the skin? The fact is that the peak of the collagen collagen production: types and functions fall on sleep. So the less you sleep, the smaller the elasticity of your skin. In addition, a full dream is necessary for the health of your immune system so that it can reflect infections and systemic skin inflammation, including. Since the amount of time you sleep every night is very important, at night is the most ideal for ensuring your skin anti-aging and restoring components. Use night cream or serum and active ingredients will start working on skin restoration when you sleep. Do not forget to wash off the makeup before going to sleep. Makeup immemorous at night can lead to closed pores and ugly spots on the skin.

Just relax

Tips for the beauty of your skin, except for the main care of it - exercise and recreation

Caused by demanding career or house full of children, stress affects every time. Although it is important to keep stress under control for the sake of your mental and physical health, it is equally important for your skin. The decrease in stress can reduce certain skin problems, including acne and anclamp.

Therefore, make a favor of your mind, body and skin and find ways to reduce stress levels in your life. Take up yoga or aromatherapy. No matter how much your day is loaded, try to find time and pamper yourself during the day.

Healthy lifestyle for better skin

When it comes to magnificent, radiant skin, even Saami elite funds can not always help you achieve goals. Balanced diet, regular sports, full sleep and reduction of stress – these are the main components in the recipe, how to achieve healthy, young and beautiful skin flawlessly beautiful skin – secret weapon of beauty huncates .

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