Time of nostalgia 5 cult series of the 90s that you want to revise

Nostalgia time: 5 cult series of the 90s that you want to revise

Today, the film industry offers the viewer with a practically limitless selection of films and TV shows for the most different topics, but sometimes we still want to forget about the current agenda and with your head to plunge into nostalgia. We remember the TV projects on which we grew up.

"Friends", "Sex in the Big City", "Secret Materials" – the names of these series are familiar to everyone, and the statements of their heroes remain recognizable and relevant to this day. Despite the emergence of new projects, the kinomans are back and again return to the proven classics, and today we will replenish their ranks, remembering the cult series, shot more than 20 years ago.

"Twin Pix", 1990-1991

Dramatic series David Lynch appeared on the screens in 1990 and instantly won the recognition of the public. The mysterious detective story, supplemented by the company’s stylistic decisions of the director, produced a real extension, and the ideal caste and a fascinating plot added a popularity project.

The central line of the narration was the investigation of the FBI Agent Dale Cooper of the mysterious killing of the school girl Laura Palmer, however, with each subsequent episode, the viewer discovered new facets of the plot and acquainted with the unknown details of the provincial life of the town of Twin Peaks, where all residents have their own secrets and skeletons in the closet.

"Beverly Hills 90210", 1990-2000

Teleproject "Beverly Hills 90210" appeared on the screens in 1990 and instantly gained the glory of one of the most popular series of decades. In the center of the plot – the story of the adults of the twins Brandon and the Walsh brands, who recently moved along with their parents to one of the richest areas of Los Angeles Beverly Hills from Minneapolis.

This project has become a truly religious teenage comedy, which brought fame to the main heroes of the project – it was after the release of "Beverly Hills 90210" the stars of Schonnen Doherti were lit, Jason Priestley, Jenny Garth, Luke Perry, Tori Spelling and Brian Austin Green.

And in 2019, Fox TV channel announced the continuation of the project under the new name "BX90210", the start of which took place in August. But after the first season, the creators decided to close the series, since the continuation of the legendary filmcoming could not repeat its success (See also: What is known about restarting "Beverly Hills, 90210").

"Secret Materials", 1993-2002

Time of nostalgia 5 cult series of the 90s that you want to revise

Teleproject "Secret Materials" with David Governorate and Gillian Anderson starring became a real symbol of pop culture of the 1990s and remains popular to this day.

Sci-fi drama telling about the mysterious investigations of FBR Mulder’s FBI agents and Dana Scully, caught the audience to the screen with a fascinating plot, built on the confrontation of the scientific approach and paranormal phenomena, and the special charm of the project was added by the theory of fans relative to the romantic communications spiritual and Anderson in real life.

By the way, in 2016, the creators of film trains decided to return "secret materials" to the screens, and thirteen years later, the TV project received a continuation in the form of two new seasons.

"Friends", 1994-2004

The television series "Friends", which came to the screens in 1994, became one of the most significant comedy projects of cinema and brought the world famous states and several prestigious prizes.

This American teleproject causes the viewer to believe due to real friendship, which does not know the obstacles, and images of favorite heroes are still fresh in the memory of "Friends" fans. Fascinating stories of the life of six buddies from New York, love peripetics and, of course, sparkling humor – if you still did not look at this series for some reason, we advise you to immediately correct the error.

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