Tie in the women’s wardrobe

Tie in the women’s wardrobe

Probably none of the items of the wardrobe has such a long story like a tie. With confidence it can be said that this element of clothes will never lose its relevance! Let’s find out more about how he appeared, as well as with what to wear it.

For the first time, the tie is mentioned in the history of ancient Egypt, where the privileged estate has obsteed around the neck a piece of fabric, which indicated their knowledge and wealth. Wore the first ties and the Chinese. If you look close to the statues of the famous terracotta warriors Shihuan di, then you can see peculiar ties on the necks (and simply speaking – neck scarves) of that time.

Ties existed in ancient Rome, where they were worn by imperial warriors.

But the time of the entry of ties in the wardrobe of Europeans is considered to be 1635, when the Croatian warriors who won in one of the many battles of those times were represented by the French Yard. And one of the objects of officers was the birds of the cervical headscarves who attered the king of France Louis XIV. So ties were in fashion not only France, but also all of Europe.

In the middle of the XIX century, the famous French writer Onor de Balzac was even written by the book "The art of wearing a tie". In it, he proved not only the aesthetic necessity to tie a tie, but also described a large number of types of ties and methods of their tackles: for example, the tie "Byron" lightened to the neck, "Walter Scott" was sewn from the checkered fabric, the "tragic" tie was black and considered the attribute of mourning attire.

All ties of that time went to the shawls and scarves to be tied with enviable patience and skill.

But in 1924, thanks to the American entrepreneur Jesse Langsdorf, the "perfect" tie, who sewed, and, as you already understood, still sews from three pieces of fabric on oblique.

Despite the fact that the tie for centuries remained a purely male accessory, he has repeatedly turned out and around the female neck. So, the Duchess of Louise De Lavalier, who lived in Louis XIV, was unlikely to think about the fact that her brave acts will be supported not only by modern fashionistas, but also by many designers that bring models with ties.

Tie in the female wardrobe – the item is a kind and universal, it is subject to how to diversify the office suit, so and bring some wrath casual clothes or even in the evening outfit.

The line between the female and male tie in modern fashion is very thin. In most cases, a sign of a female tie is the length – he is shorter than men, as well as his color, which can be any brightness and originality.

Situating the differences between the female and male tie, you can say: how and what is allowed to wear a woman’s tie – it is not allowed to do this man.

So, how to wear a female tie?

A woman is allowed not to delay the tie on the sick – some negligence is even welcome, giving a special piquancy.

Tie in the women's wardrobe

Also, fashionista has the full right to wear a tie to a naked body, tied it not under the collar of blouse, but right on the neck.

If you decide to stick to the style of "Dandy", then purchase a strict classic tie with a large pattern or strip and decorate it with the original clamp.

If you like the Militari style, then there is nothing better than a short monophonic tie, fastening from behind, – it will be perfectly combined with a shirt with chains.

Liked Country style? And here you can not do without a tie! One of the attributes of this style is a tie-bolo in the form of a lace, decorated with a variety of plaques.

Self-confident Lovers of Yappen Style Replace Classic Male Tie to Thin Slim or Observe the neck shawl with a tongue knot.

And also, unlike men, a woman can tie a tie not only on the neck, but also … use it as a belt or decoration for the handbag and even as a headdress!

Many consider tie contradictory detail in the women’s wardrobe. After all, he obliges a lot! Not every woman will be able to adequately wear this subject of the wardrobe: it makes straighten your back, get up, proudly dealing the shoulders, add confidence not only in the gait, but in the view. Tie is an accessory for confident and independent women who know their price!

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