Three salad recipes that will be replaced by a full lunch

Three salad recipes that will be replaced by a full lunch

To dine well and satisfy, it is not necessary to cook three dishes at all, just one thing is right – the right salad . It is only worth adding to vegetables and greenery protein, and here your easy at the first view of the meal has become a full-fledged caloric content of food intake. Take advantage of the proposed recipes of salads – it is fast, tasty, nutritious and varied.

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Three salad recipes that will be replaced by a full lunch

Author of the photo and recipe Natalya Okneshikov: Instagram.COM / NATALIEKONESHNIKOVA_ /

Vegetable salad with tuna

1 jar of tuna in its own juice
2 potatoes
1 Cucumber
4-5 radisok
1/2 Bulgarian Red Pepper
40 grams Olives
100 grams tomatoes Cherry
Fresh lettuce leaves (or Beijing cabbage) several sheets
bunch of greenery
salt, pepper to taste

For refueling:
2-3 Art. L. olive oil
1 Art. L. Lemon juice
1-2 clove garlic
1 C. L. dried oregano

Cooking process:
Potatoes are drunk (do not digest to cut the cubes well). Cucumber and radishes cut into circles, pepper straw, greens and leaves of salad rubs, add olives, tuna pieces. In olive oil, add lemon juice, oregano and garlic through garlic catcher, stirring and adding gas stations in salad. Stir and serve.

Photo by photo and recipe: Instagram.COM / SANA._Fox /

Salad with pear, feta cheese and spicy butter

1 Sweet Pear
1 cucumber up to 10 cm
Bunch of lettuce leaves
1 garlic slices
2 st. L. olive oil
0.5 C. L. Orego
0.5 C. L. Tarkhuna
100 g cheese feta
Black Pepper and Salt to Taste

Cooking process:
1. In a frying pan on a slow heat, heals the oil, garlic suppress the flat blade of the knife and add together with herbs in a heated oil. Do not bring oil to boil, it only needs to be flavored with herbs and garlic. Remove garlic, add salt and pepper. Oil cool and strain.
2. Pear cut down slices, fetu cubes, cucumber circles. Salad finish hands. Fill with oil and mix. Serve to the table.

Photobank, prescription author: Instagram.COM / DELICIOUS_SWEET_LIFE /

Salat from zucchini, mushrooms and radish for a large company

1 cup of olive oil
1 Art. L. Sweet mustard
10-12 medium very fresh champignons
4 small zucchini
2 Little Red Sweet Bulbs
1 Big beam of shallow radishes
1 small bunch of young spinach
1 Middle Kinse Bunch
Juice 1.5 lemon
pinching hammer paprika
naval salt
Black pepper

Cooking process:
1. For refueling, pour lemon juice into the blender, add a chopped cilantro and mustard, beat up to homogeneity. Do not turn off the motor, very thin inlet pour oil. Add salt, pepper and crushed zest.
2. Mushrooms remove legs, wipe the hats with paper towels, cut down with thin plates.
3. Zucchini cut along in half, and then cut down thin slices.
4. Remove the tails, and the top will cut off so that a little greenery remains on each fire. Cut radishes along half.
5. Leek Clean, Cut very thin half rings. In a big bowl, mix all the vegetables and mushrooms, sprinkle with salt and paprika, slightly sprinkle with lemon juice, let it stand 5 minutes.
6. Spinach remove the stalks, large leaves spoil on parts. Mix spinach with vegetables. Spread the salad on plates, lay out the gas station on top.

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