This is a vicious idea! Dr. Butchers opposes New Year’s corporate events

This is a vicious idea! Dr. Butchers opposes New Year’s corporate events

Before the new year there is a little more than a month, and this time the holidays will look somewhat unusual. No massive festivities in the Christmas tree, Christmas fairs and corporates. Against them, by the way, the Dr. Alexander Butchers spoke.

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Coronavirus Pandemic does not give anyone to relax – scientists need to urgently introduce new methods of treatment and prevention, test the vaccine, and simple citizens gain patience and wait, when can be canceled or at least weaken the entered restrictions . In a word, everyone is waiting for the end of this story to at least breathe freely.

Most places hopes for the new, 2021, which will come in a month with a small. However, take a walk with a scope, as it was in previous years, no one will succeed. Massive events are canceled, children’s holidays, too, and the capital is decorated with last year’s garlands, only changing one digit of the year. It remains hoping for a cheerful meeting of the new year at home, in the circle of friends and loved ones. It is for her who can advocate Dr. Alexander Butchers . TV presenter is sure that this should be celebrated a holiday, and all sorts of corporate parties and restaurants do not need at all.

"As the New Year will meet – so you will spend it! Therefore, it is necessary to meet this family holiday, respectively. Do not think about how many guests can be invited! Invite everyone who want to see, family, friends. Want to spend ng together – well, a big family and friends will gather – beautiful!

I am absolutely anyway: Restaurants will work or not! What new year in the restaurant?! A Christmas tree dress up?! And Olivier to do? And the duck bake? A glass wave a snaps waiting for guests? Never understood the people who deprive themselves! New Year – Holiday home!

But about what I am speaking: against corporate events. For me, in principle, corporate – vicious idea, collective booze of other people’s people. Then they look at each other to shy. Friends and so gather, but a militant team – fraught. Maybe I’m not right, sorry then. But what is the right: epidemic – no time for corporate events."

Alexander Leonidovich noted that Coronavirus has already taken away from us and Easter, and the day of victory, so the new year advises to meet fun and in good mood. The infection will not go anywhere, the next wave in May 2021 is possible, but the holidays, the doctor is sure, it is simply necessary to celebrate! And be sure to rejoice in life and feel free. Otherwise, other ailments will be impoverished even faster than the ill-fated kovid.

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