Stress in children

Stress – Real Beach Modern. Negative emotions fall not only on adults, but also for children. But if adults are able to adequately recognize the cause of stress and eliminate it, then children cannot independently cope with such a problem. Stress in children has the property to accumulate, which can lead to various undesirable consequences – Standards for development, neurosis, enuresis and school problems. Protect the child little, since it is simply impossible to protect him from all unpleasant situations. But parents are able to teach their baby to defeat stress.

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Stress in children

1. Decide problems together.
In trying to instill a new skill and autonomy to the child, you should not throw it on the arbitrariness of fate in difficult situations. If you see that the child is difficult that he has problems, talk to him about it, listen to him and offer full assistance. Feel free to attract to the problems of your child of those people whom he considers authoritative or those who professionally working with children, for example, experienced psychologists and teachers.

2. Emotions need output.

Remember that all people need to sometimes get rid of overwhelming emotions. If adults can control themselves, then children still do not know how to keep emotions in the cord. So they need a way out. This output can be hobbies, frank conversations or ordinary diary. A child who has the opportunity to speak out, release steam, much easier to suffer any stress.

3. Replace mental loads.

With the stress of children, all the load goes to the psyche, so that there is no imbalance in the body, physical exertion is necessary. In addition, sports helps the production of endorphins – Hormones of happiness, which will help neutralize stress. Not necessarily record the child in the sports section, especially if he is not a big fan of sports. But the bike, pool, yoga, rollers can be a good alternative.

4. Mode.
During serious tests of psyche, it is necessary that all other areas of life have been ordered. Chaos in the head and emotions need to be filled with strict day. Therefore, food, sleep, study and recreation must be balanced. Unacceptable under the influence of children’s stress to give up lunch, rest, sleep or skip classes.

5. Do not tighten with treatment.

Sometimes children’s stress has a very serious impact on the children’s body. I can start somatic disorders against the background of spiritual experiences. Do not deal with self-treatment and delay the visit to the pediatrician and psychologist. The sooner you start adequate treatment, the faster to defeat the difficulties.

6. Confident.
At the moments, when something unpleasant happens, even an adult does not always believe that the end of. The child is the same than he is the younger, the more difficult it believes in the mythical «tomorrow» or «after». So he need your support and confidence that good times are not far off. Talk to the child that life is not only good or only bad that troubles are always replaced by joy. Help see the decision of the problems that the child collided.

7. Relax.
At a time when the situation holds a child in constant voltage, it is important to find effective ways to relax. It can be anything – Computer games, Cartoons, Communication with friends, Massage, Visiting your favorite cafe or shopping trip. Choose the way that inspires your child only positive emotions and helps to distract from problems. Do not, of course, try to turn the life of a child on a holiday as soon as he collides with trouble. Just teach him to see and pleasant moments in life.

It is important to understand that the stress in children – it is not blazing, not whim and not fiction. In our difficult time, stress applies to all – and adults and children. Someone sufficiently tightening teachers to experience a storm of negative emotions, and someone will not be broken and more serious problems. The main thing is to be alert and not to launch the situation from under control, then even serious stress your child will overcome easier and faster.

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