Strengthening hair, care for sequencing lilac hair

Strengthening hair, care for sequencing lilac hair

In our article «Hair Strengthening Care Sectioning Broken Hair» You will learn: how to care for hair.
Everyone knows that the hair reflects all the health of the body as a whole.

Healthy hair strand should break when tensioning by about 30%. The dead hair in which the lack of protein is rushed much faster. Healthy and well-fed organism always reflects healthy hair. Herbs can help stay healthy and attractive for all types of hair without changing. There are many natural and affordable herbs for hair, which were used in past centuries, because they were brought from different countries. The list of regularly used herbs includes: aloe, arnica, birch, burdock, mint, chamomile, horsetail, licorice, calendula, nettle, parsley, rosemary, sage, shrub, burning nettle. Soya also has so important to prevent hair loss.

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  • Strengthening hair, care for sequencing lilac hair

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How to ensure proper hair care.
Head Massage with Warm Almond or Olive Oil. Take a pile of clean water and two egg yolks, run them into a cup with water. Use a mixture for massage of the scalp and hair for 5-10 minutes. Leave it for a few minutes and wash off the hair with warm water. After that, rinse again with water and apple vinegar. If the hair is very dry, brittle, securable can help tinctures from elders, parsley or sage, often applied to curly hair, due to which moisture will be restored. Bold hair can easily be deguted with a solution made of melissa and other different herbs (rosemary, lavender, mint).

After that, in the resulting solution, add a spoon of lavender oil on a coke basis and heat a little. Massage in the evening will allow the morning to see the result of your efforts. Soft hair seems to be drawn by their health. With long-term use, the balance of the hair is normalized. Fatty acids that are useful for hair can be removed from tincture on linen oil, thanks to which hair growth to accelerate. Such a substance as collagen is in silica dioxide. Due to its use, you can increase the function of the thyroid gland and reduce hair loss. For the prevention and treatment of hair loss in ancient times used grass peas (grandma), such herbal medicines allow to strengthen the hair and not give them to premature. Such procedures were used in centuries and continue to be used in our time. Amel’s plant is very well affected by the acidic balance of the area of ​​the head and hair. Tincture from this plant will allow the shine and power to give hair. Many doctors advise in order to have beautiful hair without defects, it is necessary to drink a large amount of water, unsweetened fruit juices and herbal teas. Minimize alcohol consumption and quit smoking.

Application of various shampoos.
After all, many of us use shampoos of various firms purchased by low cost and vice versa. Girls noticed that sometimes dandruff appears after using one or another shampoo. And it’s not just like that! It all lies in the fact that the composition of the shampoo does not fit the acid balance of your head, it leads to a failure in the division of skin cells. To prevent it, you just need to change the shampoo available at your home. The quality of the shampoo depends on which ingredients are applied in its composition. Approximate to natural components, such shampoos are more suitable for head and hair. Although most of the shampooes offered to us, poor-quality having prohibited chemical compounds that harm not only hair, but also the whole body as a whole. Therefore, it is necessary to try to acquire such hair care products that will be able to secure and normalize the acidic balance of the head that will allow your hair to stop being brittle and securable.

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