Stories of transfigurations_7

History of transformation

Marital status: married.
Children: Two children (daughter 24 years old, son 22 years).
Profession: Major internal resignation.
Diagnosis: RMW T2N0MO.

"I really want to live and see how our grandchildren grow".

History Natalia

My name is Natalia Kalinina, I am 47 years old. Before the disease worked in a detention facility, as the head of the convicts squad. After I was diagnosed, I retired. I am married, I have two adult children, son and daughter. Last year, the Son was born a girl. So i’m now grandma pensioner.

Because of great employment at work, I rarely applied to doctors until I dumped me at all: a leg was swollen in an ankle area. Where we just did not chase me, I passed all the specialists, passed a lot of tests, but everything was not. And then I was sent to the ultrasound of the thyroid gland, where the doctor decided to make both the chest ultrasound. So, according to a pure chance, I had a breast cancer.

At first I was scared to talk about the diagnosis of children and parents. But I have all supported and throughout the treatment were near. After the operation began chemotherapy. I lost all the hair. Recovery has been very heavy. And until now, my work is not one hundred percent, so I had to leave work. After the disease, the employee of me is no, and the post claimed great performance. I could not even take away half an hour at the computer.

Submitted documents for medical and social expertise to obtain disability, but I refused. It is very upset with me, but life does not end. There are still many feats and unsolved problems ahead. My granddaughter was born, so I spend a lot of time. I really want to live and see how our grandchildren grow.

Thanks to God and the Guardian Angel for everything that was identified and done at the initial stage. Everything that happened to me, gave a push so that I stopped in this crazy race, because I lived without looking back, always rushed forward and did not notice much. Because of the employment, I did not even see how my children rose, and it’s scary. Now I have time to stay, translate your breath and think everything. It became possible to pay a lot of time to give birth, and I also took up my favorite hobby – I write pictures.

Stories of transfigurations_7

Evening image

Copper hair color always causes different associations. And, of course, seeing Natasha, I wanted to create fiery shades, overflowing copper nuances, which emphasize not only the outfit, but will make our model irresistible and noticeable. As a result, the image turned out to be playful, Natasha will surprisingly stand out from the crowd and leave incredible impressions.

Bright hair color and accent lavender dress suggested the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčoriginal stylish makeup. Smokey in blue-blue shades, clear and at the same time tender eyeliner perfectly emphasized eyes. Eyebrows We highlighted the same tint as the color of the hair, and the lips caused a delicate lipstick – a coral nude.

Natalia – Sensual and Charming Woman. I wanted to arrange a holiday of beauty and style, because after communication I realized that in her life there were not so many reasons to go out in the present evening. So I saw on her dress in the floor with lace in the lilac scheme from the collections of our fashion house, which is manually extended by rhinestones, pearls and flowers. On the counterpoint with fiery hair, the new image of Natalia turned out to be iconic and bright. It was nice to observe how Natalia flourished like a marvelous flower, filling with vital energy.

Natalia Kalinina appeared before us in a chic evening dress. It was a real transformation! With the first acquaintance, I saw a serious and a little sad woman with a volitional character and a tough look. And how surprisingwise it changed after our fashionable transformations! It showed tenderness and feminine charm. Fire-red hair color and a magnificent purple dress in the floor, a bright smile and sparks in the eyes! I remember I remember Natalia. I am sure this event will help her look at himself in a new way.

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