Stories of Transfigurations_19

History of transformation

Marital status: divorced.
Children: Son (33 years).
Profession: restaurant, copywriter in the food sphere.
Diagnosis: RMZH T2N3AM0 .

How do not come if you are cancer: the participant of "Transfiguration" told his story of errors to help others escape them.

History of Elena

My story is similar to thousands of other women’s stories. Even hundreds of thousands, we are already more than a million! Yes, more than a million women in Russia live with an oncological diagnosis. But the keyword here "live".

We have remained the same as they were, did not break, did not fall, they did not wave on her hand, we still love life, love their children, travel, shopping and bachelides. We did not become strong, we were so, just not everyone knew about it&# 8230; We did not become wise, wisdom was always laid in us, we just shy her to show her&# 8230; Yes, we, of course, have changed a little externally, but we still did not cease to be beautiful and desirable.

And it is about that, it seems to me that the project "Transformation" – that everything passes, and beauty, femininity and love are eternal.

As for my personally, I do not like to remember it, because it is a story about that "how not". I share it only so that no one else does. So my "Story of Stupid Errors":

1. When I first felt pain in the chest (December 2019), then the first thing climbed on the Internet, I learned from Google that "Cancer does not hurt" and calmed down.

2. When the pains became regular, I already understood that something was wrong, but did not follow. Because now I was scared.

Stories of Transfigurations_19

3. Two months later, when I still did an ultrasound, the doctor told me, "it’s bad" and I need to urgently get to the mammologist. But I decided that since "it is there" there, then what’s the difference, come to a doctor now or days at 10 later. After all, I have already been bought ticket tickets, and I flew into another journey&# 8230;

4. When I was examined and diagnosed, I did not recover the results of the surveys. I did not occur to me that you can pay more than 20 thousand per CT and get a completely wrong result. Then I have not yet knew that out of 10 specialists conducting surveys (ultrasound, MRI, CT, PET CT), in fact, only two really know how to correctly describe the results.

5. When I was prescribed a treatment regimen, I did not apply for the second and third opinion. My treatment has begun from the operation, but it turns out, it was necessary to start with chemotherapy&# 8230;

And this is not a complete list of my mistakes. But I still did something right: I joined the community of girls from the Association "Hello!". Thanks to this, I did not stay alone with a disease, I have always had to consult and who to ask for help. I met incredible people, and their example was for me invaluable support and motivation. On this project, I also proved to thanks to the Association "Hello!", Fashion House of Sergei Pugacheva and Novartis Company. I thank all the organizers and believe that the stories of the participants will help someone.

For what we do it? Why are trying to attract the public attention to the problem of early diagnosis? Of course, not in order to cause pity. We just want stories with a happy ending as possible. No one is insured against the disease, but to detect and start treatment in time – it is already dependent on you, and no one will do for you. Hear! In the 1st stage of cancer, heal in 95% of cases!

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