Stop! 5 beauty products that are dangerous to use the sea

Stop! 5 beauty products that are dangerous to use the sea

In the raff dermatocosmetologist, Victoria Shaveko (Goncharuk) told why on the beach can not be used by bleaching cream, means with an alcohol content and why it is important to pay attention to the composition of cosmetics with SPF.

Victoria Shaveko (Goncharuk)


Dense tonal base

Summer strengthening and secretion of sebaceous glands. Skin fat, mixing with dust, mud and burdens, clogs pores. Because of this, black dots and inflammatory elements are formed. Do not "torment" skin with tonal means. Pigment scores even stronger. It is better to take wet wipes on the beach with an antiseptic effect and periodically wipe the face, not forgetting after this update the tool with SPF.

If without the base at all, give preference to the SS or BB-cream with a UV factor and the mark "non-encoded" (there is less coloring pigment). But do not forget that they also need to be periodically updated, completely flushing. More about SPF I told here.

Creams with photosensitizers in the composition

Photosensitizers – Natural or artificial substances absorbing light energy, but at the same time increasing skin sensitivity to UV rays. Often they can be found in the composition of whitening cosmetics, as well as in the means to combat acne and acne. They will not save on the beach, but only exacerbate the situation. Moreover, photosensitizers can cause photoallergia and hyperpigmentation.

Read the label! If the composition of your favorite cream has retinoids – Forget about him until autumn.

Alcohol content

Even in the evening it is better to abandon the use of alcohol-containing means. After sun, you need food and moisturizing! Even a small amount of alcohol can cause dryness, redness and irritation. Ingredients soothing the skin after exposure to ultraviolet, the following: Aloe, chamomile extract, panthenol.

Stop! 5 beauty products that are dangerous to use the sea

Means S SPF Without moisturizing components

Under the action of solar rays moisture actively evaporates in the surface of the skin. To avoid dehydration, look as part of leaving with SPF moisturizing components: hyaluronic acid, glycerin, vitamin E.

Scrubs for face

I am an opponent of face scrubics – they are too traumatic for skin. If there are inflammations and rashes, they are generally under the strict ban – Risk of disseminate infection all over the face.

At sea about scrubs do not even remember. Small abrasive particles "scratched" the skin, leaving the microsphere. This is an open "door" for pathogenic microorganisms. When contacting salty water is also pleasant, too, little: strong burning – Little Cast.

If you want to get a beautiful and even tan, make a light peeling before the trip, taking care of skin protection from uf radiation to avoid pigmentation. How to get, extend and emphasize the tan read here .

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