Still in service 5 80 foreign actors, who continue to be in the movies

Still in the ranks: 5 foreign actors 80+, which continue to be filmed in the cinema

These stars proved that a solid age — These are just numbers. They are still full of strength and happily accept the invitations of modern directors who dream to cooperate with the legends of the movie.

Morgan Freeman, 83 years old

Morgan still dreamed of an acting career from school years, but he managed to succeed immediately. For many years he played in the theater and received episodic and secondary roles. The takeoff began only after 50 years — In 1987, the actor starred in the film "Street Guy", which critics highly appreciated.

Later, Freimen received an Oscar for the film "Baby by Million" and starred more than 50 films. 83-year-old actor still starred in the cinema — This year he was involved in two paintings in the main roles.

Sophie Loren, 86 years

Italian actress recognized not only at home, but also beyond. In the past century, directors gladly invited her to their projects. And in 1991, Sophie even honored the Oscar award for the "career, rich in memorable roles, who gave not a fusing shine of cinema".

In the account of Lauren about a hundred filmmaker, and she continues to be removed today. In 2020, the film "All Life Ahead", where the actress got one of the main roles.

Judi Dench, 86 years old

Judy played Shakespeare’s heroines in his youth, and in the movie began to take off since 1964. For the first roles of Dench was nominated for the awards and proclaimed one of the most successful, talented and demanded actresses of Great Britain.

However, world glory to Judy came only at 61 — Then she starred in the new film "Golden Eye" about James Bond. After that, the career actresses went uphill, and for the film "In Love Shakespeare" she received an Oscar Award.

Judy Dench and today actively filmed into the cinema, and almost always takes the acting roles.

Still in service 5 80 foreign actors, who continue to be in the movies

Clint Eastwood, 90 years

Clint — One of the most famous and talented actors of the last century. For his many years of career, he received four times award for the Oscar premiums in the nominations "Best Director" and "The Best Film of the Year".

Iclaud has been 90 years old, and the actor still comes out and still full of forces. Periodically, it is removed in the movies: for example, in 2018 he got the main role in the film "Drug Travel".

Maggie Smith, 86 years old

Maggie has many theatrical and filmmakers, but now the real popularity came to it only at the beginning of zero. The role of Professor Minerva McGonagall from a series of films about Harry Potter has become more successful for her. Smith now recognized not only the old generation of viewers, but very young fans of cult film.

Interestingly, after that, the actress increasingly began to invite into steep projects and offer her main roles. Already in the new decade of this century, she starred in films like "Dounton Abbey", Quartet, "Lady in Van" and many others.

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