Stars in the gardens of Verbicksk, Bledans, Grebenkina and Borschev at the festival “Gardens and People”

Stars in the gardens: Verbicksk, Bledans, Grebenkina and Borshcheva at the festival "Gardens and People"

The VII Festival "Gardens and People" opened in the Landscaping Park. This is a real holiday for professionals and lovers of garden art, which is visited annually tens of thousands of guests.

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Visitors will see the work of professional landscape designers presented in the nominations "Big Exhibition Garden", "Small Exhibition Garden" and "Art Object". Competition "Beginner’s Gardens" this year will be interactive – students will build their gardens in front of visitors.

For the first time at the festival "Gardens and people" a star debut was held – TV presenter of Tutta Larsen and landscape architects Marina Beresnev and Maria Printz, presented the exhibition garden "up to 16 and older". "Before buying your own plot, we shot cottages for many years, but never did nothing on earth. Recently, I have the owner of the land plot with a fairly intricate landscape, "says Tutta Larsen -" For me, the garden is not just flowers, trees and tracks. This is a sacral place in which I am filled with energy, rest, and which, of course, reflects me. ".

Support the TATTU and admire the art of the festival participants arrived Larisa Verbickskaya with his wife Alexander Dudov, Anastasia Grebenkina with her husband Yuri Goncharov, Evelina Bledans with the boyfriend Sergey Dechev, and Elena Borscheva.

Evelina Bledans: "It’s so beautiful here, everything is fragrant! Today I found myself in this corner of happiness and this is a very big gift for me. Next year I will definitely come again."

Elena Borscheva: "The festival surprises every year – this is the most important thing. Last year I was amazed, I really liked it here. Today I saw very interesting art objects. Most importantly, the festival lived ".

Larisa Verbickskaya: "I follow the design innovations and for new trends in gardening. It would seem that everything is said, everything is invented, but the designers do not get tired of surprising us with their finds, combinations of color and forms. I will gladly please my subscribers with beautiful photos from the festival, I think, Muscovites will come here, who spend the summer in Moscow ".

Anastasia Grebenkina: "We have not purchased a very beautiful plot with a very interesting landscape, on which there is a forest, and a stream. And now in front of me there is a task this site to improve. I want to create something original. I am pleased to come for the second time this festival, because I want to learn ideas for my garden and meet the works of the best designers of Russia ".

The festival is held from 14 to 23 August near the Landscape Park VDNH, near the pavilion 43. Within ten days, excursions in gardens will be held here accompanied by professional designers; Master classes at the site "Garden in the city" with useful tips and techniques for creating a garden of spicy herbs, gardening balconies and growing vegetables and greenery in containers and much more.

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