Star hairstyles for curly hair curls Sue

Star hairstyles for curly hair: curls Sue

Almost everyone, without exception, the holders of curly hair, complex relationships with their lush curls: anyone not quite good haircut becomes a real tragedy, making his mistress at best like a poodle. But still, curly hair is a wonderful and rare gift, because very small efforts you can achieve a stunning and stylish result, it is enough to show courage and creativity.

In addition, well-groomed curls look amazingly glamorous, evidence of this is many celebrities. Therefore, if wavy hair is already available, it’s small – choose the most appropriate hairstyle.
Unfortunately, little to the hair allows you to create an amazing hairstyle, like a model for magazines, but if you are the lucky woman, which is awarded long curly hair, or your hair is well holding a curling curling: the curl of fate, slightly shrink them back with your fingers, and beautiful Party Hairstyle Ready.

Sienna Miller

In 2009, this hairstyle actress was singing all her fans. Ideal smooth waves in the style of the fortieth are perfectly framed by the face; This is good application for abandoned bangs. So that the hairstyle did not look old-fashioned, put the strands with the help of forceps or curlers in the middle and below, but not at the roots – it will create an excess volume on the sides.

Leon Lewis

Return of the winner of the television show The X-Factor truly triumphantly: from nature Tight small curls Leona can turn into soft waves with a hair dryer and a big round brush – and at the same time look Au Naturel. In order to achieve smooth brilliant elastic curls, use tongs. With the help of a curl or small curiosity, you can create perfect spiral curls, and so that the hairstyle from the wavy hair is not spoiled, try not to use brushes and stretch the curls with hands.

Frang Cotton

The hairstyle of the television leading firm Cotton revitalize randomly scattered among its direct curled currencies with the help of crirling forceps – it gives her appearance softness, femininity and romanticism. If you have thick, healthy hair and quite confidence in yourself, boldly make a very magnificent hairstyle: the attention of those around you are provided.

Kimberly Walsh

Star hairstyles for curly hair curls Sue

The soloist of the British group Girls Aloud clearly binds the style of Jessica Rabbit: Long wavy hair lying on one shoulder. Looks no less glamorous and sexy than legendary cartoon. Holders of curly hair to get a briefly difficult, but you can only carefully choose a haircut and – stylist. Consult an experienced hairdresser that has already worked with curly hair, otherwise what you will see when the hair is dried may disappoint you.


The singer was definitely lucky with a stylist: her tight small curls easily turn into excellent light waves, and even get straight as sticks. Morality is simple: Even if you have an African hair structure, do not be afraid to experiment: it is possible that everything is somewhat, if you do not regret the means for laying, and also actively use tongs and hair tips. How to shut up for the sheer of Jane Fonda, the beauty of Barbarella from the same film? Yes, it’s very simple, if you know the main components of it hairstyles: the incredible volume of the roots plus large curls along the entire length of the hair – stylish image is ready!

Megan Fox

Seductive beauty Megan adds attractiveness with its long dark curls with the help of elastic coarse curves.

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