Star girlfriend who is friendly with whom

Star girlfriends: who is with whom and against whom?

Kendall’s best friends, Bella and Haley unites a lot – all of them from the category of so-called "social models" who paved their way to glory not only due to beauty, but also due to the fact that their shoulders are a serious family biscorund. Kendall – from the famous Clan Kardashian (if anyone does not know – she is younger sister Kim), Bella – younger sister Hadid (her parents and sister Jiji – Media Persons in Hollywood), Haley – Daughter Stephen Baldwin and niece Aleka Baldwin. Girls do not compete among themselves, although they are promoting themselves equally: podium, parties, fashionable instagram, family support. How true girlfriends they know how to be friends against common enemies. Since Bella is everything is very difficult with Selena Gomez, who led her boyfriend (singer The Weeknd ‘a), not friends and Bella with Haley. It has successfully formed that the second guy (Justin Bieber) already at the Selena hooley.

Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Martha Hunt

But Taylor Swift is just very friendly with Selenaya Gomez: she turned out to be exactly the girlfriend, which helps the singer to experience depression about the care of Bieber to Haley Baldwin. Since the Kardashyan family is from a competing clan, Taylor is not easy with them: Kanye West goes to her address comes jokes, wars beat twitter and instagram. The Martha Hunt model is defended by Taylor and asks to be polished correct: a very powerful Kardashian family opposes its enemies with a single front.

Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Mind Tourman, Demi Moore

Courtney Koks and Jennifer Aniston are friends many, many years – since the "friends". In life, they have exactly the same as in the movies – real friendship, support, mutual understanding. It was Courtney pulled Aniston from depression during and after her divorce with Brad Pitt. And then it’s time for Jen to cut down the poor man of the mind TURMAN: it turns out that the film "Taking Lifesty" Verger Angelina Jolie twisted the novel with her husband ITAN HOUKOM and destroyed Turman’s marriage. However, the story was not published: Jolie actor changed his children with nanny. It is believed that he left the mind for the sake of this very nanny, but in Hollywood they know that it was Angelina who became an apple of discord in marriage turman. Showing solidarity, Mind Tourman was also always on the side of Aniston after Pitt’s departure to Jolie. And when the fourth girlfriend – Demi Moore – there was a traumatic divorce with Ashton Kutcher, and Aniston, and Tourman rushed to save her from depression.

Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stephanie

But Gwen Stephanie was just always on the side of Jolie – even when the whole Hollywood was against her. The actress and singer became friends in absentia: Stephanie always sympathized with the fatal beauty of Jolie, which was very different from the rest of Hollywood stars by the dismissed freedom.

Linda Evangelist, Christ Tarlington, Naomi Campbell

Linda, Christie and Naomi are friends for almost 30 years. Once the evangelist and Tarlington literally made a black girlfriend star: Since designers refused to work with her, girlfriends in solidarity refused to go to the podium without it. Today, Naomi’s turn and Christie to support Linda – Ex-Supermodel is experiencing difficult times: depression, a complex process of obtaining alimony from the former boyfriend Francois Henri Pino, who did not recognize them in general Son Augustine. Billionaire left Linda to actress Salme Hayek, but the evangelist managed to win the court and get impressive funds for parenting.

Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz

Spanish actress Penelope Cruz not to meet in the company of supermodels of the 90s, because in the dispute for moral ideals and behavior of Pinot, refused to recognize the son of the Linda Evangelical, she is on the side of the girlfriend Salma. Hayek and their common daughter Francois Henri just loves.

Ksenia Sobchak, Polina Kizhenko, Veronica Belotserkovskaya, Oksana Lavrentieva

Ksenia Sobchak had a lot of friends. In adolescence – Anastasia Volochkova and Ulyana Zeitlin, a little later – Tina Kandelaki and Alena Akhmadullina. All of them today are sworn enemies of the famous journalist and politician. Now in the Pole of Friends Sobchak – activists of the so-called Slim Bitch Club. True, the club exists not without loss: after parting with Sergey cords, his wife Matilda seems to leave the ranks of the best girlfriends.

Ekaterina Grinchevskaya and Alena Ahmadullina

Star girlfriend who is friendly with whom

Once Catherine was also a close friend of Ksenia Sobchak, but when her husband Sergei Kapkov went to Ksenia, friendship ended. Later, the droplets broke up with Ksenia, but the former friendship was not to return. Alena Akhmadullina, in turn, also friendly with Ksenia and was a partner of Oksana Lavrentieva, with which the common business did not work. As a result, Alena remained with Catherine, and Oksana with Ksenia. In recent years, ice between former friends melted, but not so much to talk about the resumption of relationships.

Nadezhda Obolentseva and Svetlana Bondarchuk

And these two beauties do not be friends against anyone – their secular tandem about pure positive, fashionable outfits, dozens of men around and all that makes them the heroines of the very verified Moscow A-Sheet. Although we can assume that Nadia will never become a friend of Paulina Andreva. Well, it’s just logical.

Natalia Goldenberg, Vika Gazinskaya, Miroslava Duma

Once Natasha was the best friend of the world. Then something happened – friendship ended. Vika Gazinskaya frantically supported the world. Today, Vika is a close friend of Natasha, and the world is experiencing not the best period of their relationship with the whole of a secular part, which yesterday her bastvine.

Laura Jugglia, Nastya Vinokur, Julia Baranovskaya

The Laura Jugeli has no enemies: a more cheerful and positive person in the secular arena of Moscow simply does not exist. There is a feeling that she is friendly with everyone – so extensive her connection and strong communication skills. But it’s rumored that it’s not to find Natalia Goldenberg on the pages of her site – and that this chill was born not from scratch. In girlfriends Laura signs Nastya Vinokur and Julia Baranovskaya, who know who is the main enemy. We will not continue the chain: the wives of football players can bring to "House-2", and this is already a completely different story.

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