Standards change! Valya Carnival answered criticism after a dispute with Larisa Valley

Standards change! Valya Carnival answered criticism after a dispute with Larisa Valley

Maxim Galkin seemed to present what resonance will cause His show "Music" with the participation of Larisa Valley and the popular blogger Vali Carnival. Social networks were literally exploded with criticism of two celebrities representing different generations. As a result, Valya decided to answer all heiers.

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Larisa Valley and Valya Carnival

After the air at Maxim, Maxim Galkina Karnava reproached in disrespect for elders due to reluctance to agree with the opinion of the famous artist Larisa Valley . As a result, the tictilers decided to respond to negative statements in his address, published in the story of his instagram direct appeal to all the conflict for the development of the conflict, bloated from the total pair of careless phrases.

"Time is inexorably and quickly flies. Standards change. And we are not to blame for growing completely on other performers, completely with another taste for life. As it was 20, 30, 40 years ago – no longer be. And how it was yesterday – no longer be! Why cling to youth template template?"I wrote Valya.

Larisa Valley and Valya Carnival

The star Tiktok also admitted that, agreeing to participation in the show, knew perfectly that it would be there. But still came there and tried to be himself, no one offended at the same time.

"Yes, I do not listen to Vandera Stevie, I have no idea who is such a paniket! And does it make me a bad person? Do I bring harm to others? I always applied respectfully and I will treat everyone, no matter what. Life is not a template, this is our book that we write, "the 19-year-old celebrity noted.

In confirmation of his words, Valya found the old record Larisa Valley, which was made at the dawn of her career. In it, the artist talks about the difficulties that often came across when they cut out her performances or did not give to be like.

"Those people who solved our destinies were dissent in what we do. They did not respect us. They were the elderly people, as a rule … they did not know and did not want to understand that we need modern youth and how this musician needs to express themselves, "the young valley said from the scene, closed in the bold outfit rocker.

Now the role of the older generation was the valley. Valya did not lose anything on the scandal broken, because he added to her subscribers and, as a result, bring new advertising contracts. But Larisa Alexandrovna criticized due to sharpness against young artists. Comments On this occasion, the celebrity has not yet given.

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