Squint – a little child’s disease

Squint – a little child’s disease

And do not forget that children are farnnicastic and retain this feature of vision to 6-8 years. Therefore, do not hang rattles, too close to the eyes: they are very tired and start to mow. In this case, we are talking about a hidden trend towards squint – Diseases of a little child. Her main feature — Glazik deviates from the visual axis not only with fatigue, but and when the baby wants to sleep, fell ill, did not sleep, transported.

Want yourself
Test for hidden squint?

Let the dad attract the attention of the crumbs to a bright toy with a hearty. Now cover one eye of a kid cut out of thick cardboard with a circle. Move the circle to another eye, watching the behavior of the one that has just opened. If he still looks at the object you specified, then everything is in order. Do the same with another eye.

Closed by you
Glazik „Lea" — rejected from the initial visual axis? Show baby ophthalmologist. Even imperceptible surrounding squint – Disease for a small child sometimes causes anxiety: the world around is bothering periodically, which leads to an increase in visual fatigue, headache, nausea, increased excitability. If you did not turn to the doctor on time, the hidden squint can become clear — one-sided or alternating when both eyes slaughters in turn. At first, the vision in them develops approximately the same, but to avoid bodies of objects, the baby unconsciously begins to give the visual image of a deviant eye. As a result, ambulopia develops (functional blindness). Absolutely healthy eye, which child due to strainship does not use some time, can go blind.

easier to prevent than to treat! Yes, and the Glazik who works for two, also falls out. He suffers from exorbitant load, it begins to see worse, quickly tires. In addition, the monocular (with the help of one eye) vision can not be called full. It is not volumetric, and plane. The kid does not perceive the perspective, long and close objects are superimposed on each other. Hence, problems with the development of the eyelash, drawing, the development of coordination of movements and orientation in space. Such a child has a higher danger of injury, and when it will grow up, it will be difficult for him to participate in rolling games. The need to catch the ball, requiring good coordination and the chamber, will put it in a dead end. Strabismus – Little child’s disease can not be launched.

What suggests „Dr. cold"?

Air baths. Crook for a month? Cheer the nursery and let the child lie to the nasty 1-2 minutes.

Repeat the session 3 times a day, increasing its duration. Moving the child often, exercise it on the big ball.


Ship the ball with a diaper, put a child on the stomach, pull the handles, press the palm to the surface of the ball and shook in different directions. Then repeat everything on the back. Washes. From 3-4 months per day, rub the baby with a dry veasa to easy redness: handles, chest, belly, back and legs.

Squint - a little child's disease

After 10-14 days, go to wet wipes — once a day. Moisten the mittens with water 35-36 s, after a week — cooler (32 s), then each month reduce the temperature for degrees, bringing to 30 s.

Press the veasage
Cover the baby by a diaper, leaving the wrong handle. Write it and scroll through dry towel. Etc. Pouring. After the evening bathing, water the palms and feet of the shower and rub them with a towel. By the way, if you did not know, know that with squinting – Little child’s disease Massage is very useful.

Pouring hardened and help the child stronger sleep. Water should be 36 s, then once every 2 weeks reduce it on degrees, bringing to 30 s. If the child transfers the procedure well, try to reduce until 25-26 s.

Cabinet Massage

Than younger kid, the more benefit from massage. True, the newborn child does not recommend it: the main task of the child — adapt to autonomous existence in the world. Additional loads during this period may interfere. The most suitable age for admission to massage and gymnastics — 1 month. But all the children are different: a strong, active baby you can do it for the fourth week, and weak, prematurely you need to care longer. Before you begin to occupy, consult a pediatrician!

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