Spring-Summer Makeup Collection 2015 Trend Look from Make Up Factory

Spring-Summer Makeup Collection 2015 Trend Look from Make Up Factory

Very soon spring, and by tradition, manufacturers please us with seasonal collections of their products. Today I propose to consider the Spring-summer collection from make up factory. Already in promotional photo it is clear that this manufacturer sees spring in gentle pastel shades: pink, lilac, greenish. Well, such a romantic spring quite has a place to be, and several products presented in this collection even attracted me.

Let’s see more, what is included in the collection:

Palette Shadows Make Up Factory Eye Colors (Tint No. 49 – Blooming Provence). In the palette 4 shades of shadows – blue, blue, pale pink, light lilac.

Eye Shadow Make Up Factory Eye Shadow in 2 Shades – No. 64 – Light Teal Turquoise and No. 89 – Lavender Pink Pink

Base for the age of Make Up Factory Eye Lift Corrector – a very interesting and thoughtful product in the collection. First, it is nice that the manufacturer provided a base for light shades, which extends the persistence of shadows and makes them brighter, and secondly, this is the base of the optical effect of lifting, hides redness and small blood vessels.

Eye Pencil Make Up Factory Automatic Eyeliner in 2 Shades: No. 03 – Anthracite – Black and No. 14 – Intense Teal – Blue-Green

Pencils promise to be waterproof, with a soft blade, convenient for applying a clear contour along the upper and lower eyelashes, equipped with an applikator for a decisive and built-in sharpener, allowing you to always keep the tip of the pencil in perfectly sharpened state.

Mascara Make Up Factory All in One Mascara in Black (01p Black)

Make Up Factory Defining Lip Liner Pencil Liner in Beige Tint (No. 81 – Warm Rosewood)

Pencil with built-in tassel for lipstick.

Lip Gloss Make Up Factory Hydro Lip Smoothie in two shades: No. 19 – FRENCH NUDE – Beige Nude and No. 26 – French Aprot Peach

Glitters of cream texture, filled with small lines and wrinkles, making lips visually more plump. As part of hyaluronic acid, bisabolol made of chamomile oil, canine oil. SPF 10 sunscreen is present.

Spring-Summer Makeup Collection 2015 Trend Look from Make Up Factory

Lipstick Make Up Factory Lip Color in 2 Shades: No. 111 – Nude Lavender – Dusty Lilac and No. 245 – Pink Summer Pink-Coral

Make Up Factory Nail Color Nail Polish in 2 Shades: No. 397 – Spring Lavender (Dusty Lilac) and No. 534 – FRENCH MINT (Milk Mint).

The manufacturer promises that lacquers will have a flat wide brush, convenient for their application, as well as a steady texture that allows lacquer to stay on the nails.

I managed to find several photos of products of this collection "Burning", The author of the Blades is listed in the list of sources:

Baby: Base for the age, coral lipstick and shadow-four

Personally, I liked the base, lip glisters and both nail polish. And you liked something?

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