Pereobulsya why the fashionista abandoned his shoes on his hairpins and where they are still

Pereobulsya: Why Viznitsa abandoned his shoes on his hairpins and where they are still

We tell me what could affect the discharge of high studs and why girls are increasingly choosing comfortable shoes.

What happened

Over the past three years, the popularity of sports style has increased greatly, and together with this, high studs gradually began to go to the background. Fashion turned towards comfort, and everyone fell in love with sneakers, Kitten-Heel heel, low block heels or a flat sole. The private firm for a market research MINTEL conducted a study that showed that sneakers bypassed high heels in demand, and girls are increasingly choosing comfortable shoes on a flat sole. Why it happens?


Average working woman increasingly prefers preferred, not fashionable shoes (although, one thing does not exclude). This is told about the results of most surveys conducted in different countries.

Of course, on any woman shoes on the heel will look beautiful and attractive, however, girls began to think more about their health and less about what they will say. And manufacturers of orthopedic shoes quickly picked up the tendency and began to produce "resemblance" models that will suit any modern girl. This includes, for example, brand Vionic.


In modern society, feminist sentiments are more active. One of the things against which not only activists acts, but also many modern women – sexual objectification of girls. One of the consequences of this protest is quite possible to refuse high studs.

By the way, stiletto shoes advocated as one of the attributes of sexual objectification of women in the works of the German photographer Helmut Newton, which by means of his creativity raised this problem.

Designer support

Everyone knows the formula "The demand gives birth to a sentence", and in the case of falling the popularity of the studs, it also works. Trendy brands cut down that at high heels are not to rip out, and therefore sandals still began to appear on the podiums, shoes on low or medium block heels and sneakers. Even the trendy house Versace gave up under the pressure of sports sneakers and now on an ongoing basis its own models.

Pereobulsya why the fashionista abandoned his shoes on his hairpins and where they are still

In addition, the demand for sneakers has grown so much and quickly that almost every day some collaboration from Nike, Adidas, Puma and so on. You have not yet had time to donate yesterday’s drop, and today it is no longer fashionable and you need to urgently run behind a new pair of sneakers.

Agenner in fashion

Shows of the collections of the fall season of the fall-winter 2019-2020 showed us that the boundaries between male and women’s clothing are increasingly erased in fashion. Agenner models appear on the podiums, men and the opposite of women collections appear. This trend could not not affect the fact that girls increasingly prefer sneakers and shoes on a flat run, since shoes stilettos do not always fit harmoniously into baggy masculine images.

Future high raid

Shoes, sandals, ankle boots and boots on high studs will not go anywhere and will continue to compete with their "low" brethren on the red tracks, parties and in everyday images of girls.

Red Tracks, By the way, the main "playground", where the largest concentration of studs are collected. Therefore, at least there is a ritual of passage through the carpet in front of any premium, the studs will be held afloat.

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