Parfumes, cool tonal bases and other new weeks

Parfumes, cool tonal bases and other new weeks

Aroma of a leather workshop in a luxurious bottle. Leather spirits on the market a lot, but to intervene in the skin patchouli you need to be able to. Memo can! Our respect.

Price: 21 080 R.
Where to buy: Molecule boutiques

Youth Cream Face Gel, Marc Jacobs Beauty

The first cargoing product of the brand was finally arrived in Russia – Hybrid of the moisturizing cream and primer YouthQuake. I didn’t have time to estimate its merits to the full extent, because he came really just that. But we like the design, and the composition here albeit not ingenious, but worker: antioxidants, enzymes and vitamin C.

Price: 4 090 R.
Where to buy: in SEPHORA stores

Parry flavors Illusione, Bottega Veneta

Female Illusione smells of fresh figs and citrus, male – coniferous forest and lemon tincture. Do not know which perfume to choose, and already tired of satisfying tubers and spices – go to the Bottega Veneta stands.

Price: 6 299 p.
Where to buy: "L’Etoile"


ADVANCED NIGHT REPAIR Series in September replenished Anr Intense Reset Concentrate concentrate.What it differs from their classic night serum? If you need just good care, take the serum. If you feel that the skin is very bad (they drink a lot, recycled, tired), take concentrate.

Price: 6 600 R.
Where to buy: on the official website

New Hair Products Aveda

As part of the NO WASH campaign, two new funds came out at once: heat protection Mist Heat Relief and micellel spray for hair and scalp Rinseless Refresh head. Paradox: both contain water, but at the same time help save it. Refreshing spray works like a dry shampoo, and Mist helps to refresh the laying on the second day. And both smell divinely as usual.

Price: 3 500 r. Everyone
Where to buy: authentica.Love

Tonal Fluid Unlimited, Shu Umura

Under any cosmetics, the skin can breathe, but the word Breathable hints on the box that on a hot day (and they still have it) you will not cover the SPRAIN. The density of the coating is medium, shades a lot, the durability is good – verified by the 12-hour working day.

Parfumes, cool tonal bases and other new weeks

Price: 3 700 R.
Where to buy: shuuemura.Ru

Twilly d’Hermès Eau Poivrée, Hermès

Did not refuse themselves in pleasure and asked the main perfume house Christine Iphel, why Hermès began to make flanks. The answer will learn from ours with Christine Interviews (COMING SOON), but for now we call you to get acquainted with the new pepper twilly.

Price: 5 305 p.
Where to buy: "RIV GOSH"

Tonal Fluid Reboot, Make Up for Ever

Empirical experience suggests that caring components in decorative cosmetics are not that great help, but rather a pleasant bonus. From the new Make Up for Ever, you should not wait for a miracle rejuvenation, but it sits on the skin is cool, it is not clogged into the pores and wrinkles by the end of the day and not dried.

Price: 3 370 R.
Where to buy: in SEPHORA stores


Neroli is great to wear in the first cold when the hat is still early, but you can already tie on the neck scarf. Bergamot, Ambroxan, Tree – Immortal Classic.

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