Paired suits on Halloween

12 Halloween Halloween Ideas from movies and TV shows

How to dress at the party on the occasion of the scary holiday of the year.

The main question before the day of all saints is what to wear on Halloween? It is especially difficult to love: you need not only to find an original costume, but also to harmonize with your second half. In the Журнал review – 10 warehouses for halloween on Halloween based on popular films and TV shows.

Daisy and Jay from the film "Great Gatsby"

For Daisy: Brilliant dress in the style of the 1920s and the headband with feathers and rhinestones. And do not forget about the decorations. Many decorations.

For Jay: Tuxedo, champagne and smile.

Goritt and John Snow from the series "Game of Thrones"

For rodt: Red Wig and Big Fur Jacket. Mandatory accessory – bow and arrows.

For John Snow: Black fur jacket, gloves and wig with curly hair – and costume on Halloween ready.

Edward and Bella from the Saga "Twilight"

For Bella: Vampire – the best (and easiest) Halloween costume. All that is needed – red contact lenses, artificial fangs, lowered leather, jeans, simple shirt and "converts". As an addition – a ringer with a huge diamond.

For Edward: With men’s costumes on Halloween, everything is always easier. Close the hair, put on artificial fangs, choose the skin and add golden lenses. With clothes you can not bother: Choose a shirt or T-shirt and blue jeans.

Spiderman and Gwen Stacy from the film "New Spiderman"

For Gwen Stacy: Feminine dress, classic Trench and horse tail will help create the image of the beloved Peter Parker.

For a spiderman: Well, here everything is simple: a man-spider suit in front of Hallowean find not difficult.

Star Lord and Gamora from the film "Guardians of the Galaxy"

For gamura: The most important thing here is the green paint on the whole body. Also need a fitting futuristic leather suit – and voila!

For star Lord: put on a leather jacket or vest. Final Barcode – Old Walkman Player.

Baby and Johnny from the movie "Dirty Dancing"

For Baby: White shirt tied with a knot on belly + denim bikes

For Johnny: Black T-shirt + Pants

Black widow and Hulk from the Sagi "Avengers"

For black widow: Tight black suit, short red wig – and women’s image for Halloween ready.

For Hulk: Green top with "muscles" and jeans.

Tarzan and Jane from the film "Legend of Tarzan"

For Jane: You need a torn white or light yellow dress, evaporated with mud. Add a blonde wig and draw a few scratches on your hands – so that it looks like you made your way through the jungle.

Paired suits on Halloween

For Tarzan: A pair of pants color khaki … and all.

Joker and Harley Queen from the film "Square Squirths"

For Harley Queen: Her classic image – blue-red mini shorts and jacket, crop top, tights in the grid and sneakers on the heel. Alternatively – dress in sequins, like on the frame from the movie. You will also need a light wig with painted in pink and blue strands. But the main thing is makeup. Select the skin, one eye cover the bright blue shadows, the second – red, and put on the lips alway lipstick. Do not try to do everything exactly: Harley makeup is not neat.

For Joker: In addition to the green hair and the sequel, you will need a red shirt, a silver tie and a brilliant jacket.

Sandy and Danny from the movie "Broccolin"

For Sandy: For this image, you need a light wig, black fitting jeans, black top with open shoulders and red shoes. Red lipstick and earrings-rings will complete the image.

For Danny: laid back hair fitting black T-shirt and narrow jeans – the best answer to the question "What to wear on Halloween, if there is no costume".

Mia and Sebastian from the film "La La Land"

For Mia: Yellow flying dress, dance shoes and red wig.

For Sebastian: The easiest image is black pants, white shirt and tie.

Dolores and William from the series "Wild West World"

For Dolores: Dark blue long western dress with brown leather belt.

For William: Brown trousers, shirt, leather vest. And, of course, a cowboy hat.

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