Painting nails for beginners – Guide on Neil Art for beginners

Painting nails for beginners – Guide on Neil Art for beginners

Neil-art is very popular, but if some have the opportunity to often do it in the cabin, others are trying to make it alone, but not always successfully. Over time, everything can work out, and beginners are required, the desire to create and adherence to several important rules for painting nails for beginners who will help create beautiful drawings. Should not be afraid to experiment, make mistakes and constantly practicing.

Do not try to do more than you really can make

Everyone has to start with something. Do not think that you can instantly become a master of creative manicure, it is better to develop skills gradually. Good way to start – it is to do quite simple things, such as peas, leopard prints and others. When learning, you can rely on other people’s examples, get acquainted with video tutorials, trying to step by step to recreate manicure manicure – drawings on the nails: accuracy, attentiveness and effort .

It is recommended to use different techniques and tools, adhesive tapes for manicure, water divorces, stickers. You can not be a pros in each of the techniques, but if you try to work with different techniques and tools, you can determine what it turns out best. If you move from simple to complex, you can always achieve success.

Do not be afraid to use alternative firming tools

If you do not have special brushes for manicure or other accessories, do not worry. Maybe you at the moment can not afford them. A good alternative to the professional brushes for Nail Art will be a thin brush of an ordinary nail polish, the points can also be applied using toothpicks, clips, studs, as well as ordinary ballpoint pens – everything that is being done at hand. If you wish, you can buy special manicure sets.

Plan a design in advance

Before proceeding with the manicure, it is important to determine the drawing. You can try to make a sketch of what you want to get in the final result. When you will perform design on the nails, you will be easier to navigate the sketch.

With manicure flaws, it is not necessary to start all

When performing nail design nail design – how to emphasize individuality? Errors are often performed. For example, it may increase the number of points. Do not be discouraged and do not start again, because the flaws can be fixed. If the planned line came the curve, it can always be given another form, and not to wash it entirely. If you accidentally put a stain on the nail, you can gently smear it with a lighter shade or build a design around it.

Painting nails for beginners - Guide on Neil Art for beginners

Try to keep your neil-design as much as possible

Two important things you need to do after the completion of Neil-Design Neil-Design 2013: Naturalness and Brightness . This is the elimination of manicure flaws and "Sealing" with a transparent fixing coating. Try to the skin and on the cuticle there is no varnish. Apply protective coating need carefully. Before that, you need to make sure that the nails are dried by 60%, and you do not break the design of the top layer, lubricating the previous. Usually wait can take 30-45 minutes.

How to use tools for applying points

To do this, you will need a piece of paper or any surface where you can drop varnish and mix colors. Take any tool (toothpick, hairpin), plunge into this drop at right angles and quickly apply varnish onto the nail. Also make sure that the varnish is enough for design, since over time he freezes and it becomes difficult to use it.

How to perform design on non-working hand

This is a common question for all newcomers – how to make a beautiful Neil-art on an inoperative hand. It’s not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Best put your hand on the table you work to be supported and then start slowly performing design. Try to move not with a brush, and your fingers you hold tools: so the lines are more confident.

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