Pains as during menstruation during pregnancy

Pains as during menstruation during pregnancy

Very often pregnant complains of pains that are located in different parts of the body. But, mostly, most of them complain about pain in the stomach, which immediately after conception becomes the center of attention until the birth of the kid. In the occurrence of abdominal pain in the body of a woman, various changes may occur. At the same time, many women characterize this pain as pain during menstruation. These pains can be different in intensity, depending on the passing process inside the abdomen.

Pains as during menstruation during pregnancy

There are gynecologists that take such pains as the norm, while other experts claim that a normal pregnancy should flow without pain. But, nevertheless, most pregnant people claim that from time to time is felt pain like during menstruation. It scares them greatly, as we are talking about pregnancy. Any woman belongs to the pains. The reasons for the occurrence of pain in the stomach as when menstruation can be several. If such pains appear at the beginning of pregnancy, then there is nothing terrible.

The first signs of the occurrence of pregnancy are very similar to the signs of the approaching menstrual cycle. And if you notice pain as during menstruation earlier than the laid period of menstruation, you can check pregnancy using the usual test.

Why during pregnancy stomach hurts as during menstruation?

The first weeks of pregnancy – pain as during menstruation

Definitely, a woman feels pulling abdominal pain. This symptom can be confused with painful sensations as during menstruation.

    Pains as during menstruation during pregnancy
  • Mostly pulling pains very sensitive women feel in the implantation period, when a fertilized egg reaches the uterus and makes attempts to attach to her wall, it falls on 6-9 days after conception. Of the 100 women surveyed, such drawing pains at the beginning of pregnancy felt only 7. This suggests that you feel the implantation period, not every woman is given.
  • Also in the second week after conception, some women begin to experience painful sensations not only at the bottom of the abdomen, but also in the lower back – these are characteristic symptoms of ordinary monthly. It should be noted that such pain almost all doctors consider quite normal (that is, physiological) and do not see any harm in this.

During pregnancy, stomach hurts both before menstruation in the second trimester

  • If you feel pain in your stomach as during menstruation, at the same time you have a big enough, let’s say 3-4 months, then such pain, most likely, occurs due to the ever-increasing volume of the abdomen, which presses on the internal organs. At this time, the ligaments do not sleep for an increasing uterus, so they stretch. As a result, pregnant feels pain at the bottom of the abdomen, they can be pulling and long, and may be instant, but sharp.
  • It is likely that a pregnant woman begins to hurt as during menstruation. All due to the fact that pregnant with an increase in the abdomen, herself without noticing changes the posture and the main load falls on the lower back, hence the pain in this area arise.

Pains as during menstruation in the third trimester

Pains like during menstruation can occur both on the third trimester when a woman makes sharp movements, sneezes or changes the position. At these moments, pregnant feels harsh, short-term pain. Do not worry because of such a symptom, because it does not threaten the baby. Most likely, with a sharp movement or change of the position, you wandered some nerve. If the pain quickly subsides and no longer appears, then there are no reasons for concern. But if a sharp pain is repeated from time to times, then you urgently need to consult a doctor who after ultrasound will find out the cause of pain during pregnancy.

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