Painful monthly how to treat

Painful monthly how to treat?

During the period "Critical" days, it seems that God himself ordered to beat the dishes, kilograms have chocolate and behave like how much. Doctors in such cases recommend soothing – and in vain! It is possible to cope with hormonal mood fluctuations without strong drugs – with the help of herbs.

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Let’s set up hormones
From the adolescent period to the last months of menopause our body, like our mood, passes periods of rates and recession. To make these periods more even, many women begin to use natural non-drugs that remove unpleasant symptoms and improve emotional state.
If you suffer premenstrual syndrome, you are in a state of premenopause, menopause or you are worried about other states due to hormones, you can help herbs.

Painful monthly how to treat

St. Justice against depression
The relationship between hormones and depression is not accidental. Estrogen – a substance that regulates the menstrual cycle, and hence our mood. Therefore, when his receipt is late (at the end of the cycle or during the perimenopause), we plunge into depression. St. John’s wort for a long time and effectively used with a variety of depressions. Note: On dietary supplements containing 0.3 percent of hypericin (the active ingredient in the beastly dended). Dose is 300 mg in capsules daily. If you take any medicines, first advise with your doctor.

Hardening grass against tides
Indian women who lived in the United States have long been applied against the tides of the root of the rattling grass. Now it is used everywhere in the form of additives. The grass does not stimulate the growth of inactive cancer cells, which can be hidden in estrogenic tissues, so for women who had ovarian cancer or chest, take it safely. Please note: on dietary supplements. The usual dose is 20 mg in tablets twice a day. Take them 6 months until you feel their effectiveness.

Double view on menopause
Two studies in which women from Germany and South Korea participated during menopause, allowed scientists to find out that the use of Hypericum Perforatum (Jeverotic Digitable) and Cimicifuga Racemosa (Racheth Grass) weakened menopausal signs and made the life of women more comfortable. You can try first to apply a rattage grass (Cimicifuga Racemosa) and see whether it comes to relief: was there less tides, is there a dream, did the mood improved. If symptoms do not leave for a month or two, it is necessary to start treating depression by other means.
It makes no sense to take both of these herbs at the same time, start with some one.

Double view on PMS
With the approach of PMS, add more magnesium and calcium to your diet. Note: Adding vitamin D improves calcium absorption.
Monkey pepper against irregular cycles
Vitex Agnus-Castus (pepper monkeys) regulates blood flow by helping women suffering from irregular cycles. Pepper monkeys, as you know, has no serious side effects, but, like many other herbs, who began to come to us in recent years from abroad, this tool is not yet well studied. Improving well-being occurs after six months of herring.

Magnesium from bad mood
Magnesium can cope with most problems associated with PMS: from the deterioration of mood before the expansion of blood vessels. By the way, a large amount of magnesium contains chocolate. This is what explains the increase in chocolate need during «Critical days». Add more magnesium to your diet (in the form of bad). Eat 200 mg daily in the first two weeks of the cycle, and in the last two – 400 mg.

Calcium against convulsion
Modern studies have shown that rich in calcium foods can reduce the likelihood of development in women of PMS. Please note: for dietary supplements or vitamin and mineral complexes rich in calcium.

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