Pain in the bladder during pregnancy

Pain in the bladder during pregnancy

Planning pregnancy, women try to prepare for it thoroughly. They know that it is not only an important thing to carry and give birth to a child – it’s not just important, but also difficult. After all, during pregnancy, they will have to conduct a different lifestyle, abandon the usual cases, especially at the later dates. Also, many women are ready to overcome the pain during their "interesting position". But, pains can be different not only in the intensity, but also on localization. Sometimes pregnant complains of pain in the bladder. Why pain appear? How to get rid of them? – We will talk about this with you in this article.

Pain in the bladder during pregnancy

The body of each pregnant woman undergoes a variety of changes, while some of them may be cardinal. And, according to doctors – this is the norm. Since the main task of the body of a pregnant woman is the creation of favorable conditions for the birth of a healthy and strong child. In addition, the changes are also concerned and the growth of the fetus itself, which is increasing in the amount, presses a pregnant woman on the bladder, delivering a woman to some pain.

Why the bladder hurts?

Bladder can be compared with a kind of tank where urine is going. We notice it only when it is filled, at another time the bladder is practically not worried about, and even more so it does not hurt (if there is no inflammation). But, unfortunately, the uterus is located too close to the bladder, and pregnant women suffer from the fact that the fruit presses on the urinary system, therefore, the frequency of familiar urins. At the same time, there is a category of women who, with the onset of pregnancy, increase hiking to the toilet, so some people believe that this symptom is a clear sign of pregnancy. Starting urination also arises in the last months of pregnancy, as mentioned above.

In addition, during pregnancy, other bodies of pregnant women who have direct attitude towards the urogenital system are otherwise working – these are kidneys and ureters.

Cystitis bladder during pregnancy

Most often, pregnant women suffer from cystitis – bladder inflammation. This unpleasant illness causes a strong pain and even cutting during urination. At the same time, some women argue that after urination, when cystitis, it seems to them that the bladder is not emptied completely. In addition, 80% of women suffering from cystitis are tormented from the frequent urges to urine, but, already in the toilet, they understand that the urges were false.

Pain in the bladder during pregnancy

Cystitis may be ill not only because of the inflammation of the bladder and bacteria, but also due to sharp stones in the kidneys. This disease can be chronic and sharp. Therefore, at first symptoms of cystitis, you need to immediately take action, otherwise the inflammation is slow, but it is right upwards, hitting the ureter and kidneys. That is, not timely treatment of cystitis can lead to a threat to the life of the mother and child.

How to treat urinary bubble cystitis during pregnancy?

Treat this urinary bubble disease only on the council of a specialist:

  • Perhaps pregnant will advise complete peace and special diet.
  • Of course, the drug treatment – antispasmodics or repair, but if the disease was running, it can only be cured with antibiotics.
  • But if you are attentive and at the first symptoms of the disease, begin treatment, then you can defeat pain in the bladder by ancient grandmother’s recipes. For example, at the initial stage of cystitis, a warm bath is well helped, abundant drinking cranberry and cruising horses.

To stop the further development of pain in the bladder when cystitis, pregnant need to be protected from supercooling. Only an experienced and qualified specialist will provide a woman in a state of adequate assistance when she has pain in the bladder area during pregnancy.

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