Package for pregnancy

Package for pregnancy

There are often cases when the joyful excitement of a pregnant woman in the period of tooling the long-awaited kid can be overshadowed by discomfort caused by a variety of painful sensations. Causes of pain can be much, but in any case they cause considerable tension. And if a woman usually can resort to the help of painkillers for pain relief, then during pregnancy, any medical drugs cause serious concerns from pregnant. What can be taken when the pain does not pass for a long time and it becomes impossible to tolerate it?

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It is necessary to immediately say that modern medicine has painkillers, which, after consulting the attending specialist, can be taken during the period of pregnancy. However, you can use them strictly by appointment of a doctor, not by self-medication! Otherwise, under threat, it may be both your health and the health of your future child.

Most often doctors recommend that the drug like paracetamol is recommended for receiving pregnant women – This means preferences are preferred by many doctors who undergo pregnant examination. Paracetamol has not only an anesthetic effect that helps to remove the pain of medium and weak intensity, but also anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effects (like most analgesic drugs). Although this drug can penetrate the placenta, until now, the research has not been registered negative impact on the development and health of the fetus. That is why Paracetamol WHO experts recommend as the most secure painkillers for pregnant women.

Package for pregnancy

A little less often as a means of dealing with pain use analgin. As a rule, doctors prescribe analgin only in certain exceptional cases and only in single small doses, since this drug can penetrate the placenta and registered cases when during prolonged use, this drug has adversely affected the development of the fetus. Also, analgin when used diluted blood, thereby reducing hemoglobin level.

One of the effective tools is recognized as a drug as Nurofen. This drug is not allowed to take and during pregnancy, because there are no contraindications to this, but when it is a reception, the dosage should be thoroughly. Nevertheless, the third trimester of pregnancy should stop taking the drug, since it can cause a decrease in the amount of arrogant fluid.

Riabal and but-shpa may remove pain – They have an antispasmodic effect, which helps when delivering from pain. Contraindications for reception during pregnancy have no drugs. Doctors often recommend pregnant to wear a but-piety with them, because this drug has a property to reduce the tone of the uterus.

However, all of the above painkillers can not always help. If this situation is already present in the second trimester, the specialist may appoint the application of a baralgin or spasmalgon – These drugs are entered in the form of injections.

Nowadays, the choice of painkillers for local use. Like other drugs, not every ointment can be used during pregnancy. For example, it is strictly forbidden to use any ointments containing bee and snake poisons, dimexide and other similar active substances. Even widely used Vietnamese balm «Star» can adversely affect the body of the most pregnant or her future child. Therefore, when pain symptoms, you need to immediately consult a doctor.

In certain diseases, the attending specialist can generally prohibit the use of painkillers during pregnancy. These diseases include abnormalities in the work of the kidneys and liver, the ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract, bronchial asthma and other similar. There may be cases when analgesics not only did not remove pain, but also led to the emergence of unwanted symptoms, such as chills, fever, rash, swelling. If such symptoms are given, you need to immediately consult a doctor!

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