Oxygen masks how do they work and do they need you

Oxygen masks: how do they work and do they need you

Gathered everything you need to know about one of the main leaving trends of this year.

Beauty Sphere never ceases to delight with pleasant leaving innovations that have not only highly efficient formulas, but also deliver a lot of pleasure from using.

This year, everything is crazy about the so-called oxygen masks: when applied, it turns your face in the likeness of the air cloud at the moment, and it seems to you that moisture gets literally to each skin cell. However, how much the brightness of the sensations from the oxygen mask corresponds to its utility? Is it worth it for all this another marketing reception?

How it works

The first oxygen masks came to us from Korea: first at the peak of popularity there were means on a cream-based basis, and then their smoothly pissing clay and fabric. Oxygen itself is necessary to maintain water balance. If it is broken, the skin immediately hints at it – increased dryness, irritation and faded tone.

The main components of the oxygen mask – fluorocarbon and aquaticum are connected with oxygen, split it to molecules and in such a state it is easy to convey to the deepest layers of skin. This process is accompanied by a characteristic spanning, foaming and evenly propagating a feeling of freshness – perhaps one of the most pleasant items of the procedure.

With love for her immediately penetrated the owners of oily skin, since the effect of the first oxygen masks was just to clean the pores and align the tone of the face. Today their formulas have noticeably advanced: there are separate types of oxygen masks for moisturizing, nutrition, radiance and smoothing.

As a rule, choose from tissue and cream masks (Read also: "8 ways to strengthen the effect of fabric mask"). Here cosmetologists advise to trust taste: in relation to oxygen masks, the texture does not play a significant role, and in this its unequivocal plus.

Question about efficiency

Feeling sensations, but the results are still in the first place. And it is very important to understand the features of two types of oxygen masks – for home use and those offered in beauty salons.

Oxygen masks how do they work and do they need you

Oxygen masks that can be calmly enjoy lying on the bed can boast a complete set of functions that they are attributed to: cleansing, normalization of the water balance, color leveling. However, if you compare it with a full-fledged procedure in a cosmetic salon, the difference becomes more obvious.

Purchased oxygen masks can support healthy skin condition, but it is unlikely to help achieve significant improvements. Another thing is their professional analogues, which are called the general word "oxygen lifting" (Read also: "The secret of eternal youth: operating and non-operative lifting").

This procedure is functionally acting on wrinkles, folds, redness and acne, that is, it does not just mask skin defects for a short time, and fights them from the inside. Antioxidants, vitaminized complexes included in the mask are coming into battle. It is applied using a special device – an airbrush – on pre-cleaned face skin. This machine helps the oxygen to get to the very depths of the dermis. Result – The skin looks more fresh, tightened and healthy. For the resistance of the result, the procedure is advised to repeat weekly for a month. After that, with a beautician, you can safely break up for six months.

Who is worth trying

The oxygen mask promises to create a real miracle with your skin – moisturize, clean the pores, improve blood microcirculation and get rid of oily shine. In reality, the result from its use is always varied and depends on individual characteristics. If you are the owner of oily or prone to fatty skin, then you definitely should be purchased by a pair of oxygen masks for a relaxing Saturday evening or carve time and effort to go to the cosmetic salon.

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