Ovulation stimulation assistance in conception – schemes and drugs

Ovulation stimulation: conception in conception – schemes and drugs

The types of infertility are very diverse and some of them lies in the suppression or absence of ovulation (anointing). To this end, the doctor has to solve the issue of stimulation of ovulation. But it should be said that not always stimulation has justified readings. In some cases, it is sufficient to eliminate the reason that led to the annovation, which contributes to the ripening of full-fledged eggs.

In addition, there are differences between one-time stimulation and restoration of its own, permanent ovulation. Successful and properly conducted stimulation of ovulation in sixty – seventy percent of cases allows women to be Mama.

Ovulation stimulation is a way of exposure to ovaries, which leads to the formation of one or more eggs in them capable of fertilization. The ovulation stimulation is carried out by special hormonal drugs differing in their action and their appointment depends on the form of female infertility. Indications for ovulation stimulation are:

  • Healthy, not immature eggs (the follicle does not ripen or matures, but not bursting);
  • the upcoming eco, artificial insemination or the introduction of a sperm in the egg (ICSI);
  • irregular ovulation (several times a year);
  • Sclerokystous ovarian.
  • Ovulation stimulation assistance in conception - schemes and drugs

Value of ultrasound monitoring during stimulation

No matter what scheme ovulation stimulation was carried out, ultrasound significantly and necessarily. The first ultrasound study is carried out immediately through several (two or three) days after the start of stimulation. Then, the control ultrasounds are assigned in obligatives every two or three days until the follicles reach the desired dimensions (20-25 mm).


One of the most common preparations for stimulation is Claostilbyt (Clomiphene). This drug has an anti-estrogenous effect and contributes to the growth of several follicles at once, preventing their reverse development. However, it cannot be appointed to women having problems with endometrial. Stimulation by grinding starts from the fifth day of the menstrual cycle, and finish on the ninth day (only five days). The initial dose of the drug is 50 mg. In the absence of an effect, the dose increases to 150 mg. After stimulation, under the control of the ultrasound, drugs of chorionic gonadotropin are prescribed (pregnive, proofased, choragon) at a dose of 5000-10000. Within 24-36 hours after injection of drugs, the HCG occurs the follicular gap and the output of the mature egg. The side effects of Klostilbyt are: Early Climax, Ovarian Apochaxia (Gap), Education of Cyst or Ovarian Hypersion.

Preparations of gonadotropic hormones

These preparations contain follicularity and luteinizing hormones. These drugs include Menopour and Gonad-F. The essence of their actions is to achieve the normal level of gonadotropins in the body, as a result of which follicles begin to ripen, followed by the output of them eggs. The stimulation scheme is as follows: from the second to the tenth day of the menstrual cycle begins subcutaneous or intradermal administration of drugs. After the end of the stimulation is also prescribed drugs hCG.

Surgical stimulation

In the absence of an effect from hormone therapy, surgical stimulation is carried out. During laparoscopy, a wedge-shaped resection of the ovaries is performed, as a result of which part of the dense membrane of the ovaries is removed, which stimulates ovulation.

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