Overweight – interference for sex

Overweight – interference for sex?

First, the complex due to the imperfection of his body does not allow to fully relax and focus on the process itself. From this all these "let’s turn off the light and put the blinds". Yes, maybe make love with a bright, the cut’s cutting eyes is not very pleasant, but what a buzz from intimate proximity in the pitch darkness (with a lady, smartly whining under the blanket in the baggy nightgown hiding her extra kilograms), when not really You realize that it is a hand, leg or heel? When you do not see the partner’s faces, you do not see his reaction to what is happening.

From here and "Pressure", repulsion of gentle hands from problem places, so that he did not try the same ill-fated fat. Stiffness in the behavior – it seems I want to sometimes notify yourself as a sexy cat in order to excite a partner, and then throw a look at your discover stomach and think: "Well, what a kitty I am?"

Yes, and in general, With excess weight care, many problems go. Flexibility appears, which makes it possible to "experiment" in the bedroom and beyond. There is an internal confidence in its beauty, and with it and discharge in behavior. Yes, even an ordinary opportunity to wear new sexy underwear, without fear that a fold of fat looks like a lace fruit, makes his job.

Secondly, excess weight prevents purely physically. For example, the full hips, a large rounded stomach in an ordinary "missionary" pose may interfere with deeper penetration. Large weight of a woman with her "top view" pose can create discomfort for a man – hard. Yes, and that we are all about women? On the contrary – in the same "missionary" pose of a man weighing a little less centner can easily add their partner. What pleasure can we talk about? And rhythmic movements at the posture posture in the presence of a big belly will bring little pleasure to a woman.

Overweight - interference for sex

Thirdly, In case of excess weight, as a rule, health problems arise. It is unlikely that you can actively have sex with such a breath. Man quickly gets tired, he would have to breathe, relax – what sex. All this does not mean that complete people should not and do not make love. There are ways to solve this problem – certain postures, for example, those that allow not to deliver discomfort and not to get tired so quickly.

And, of course, there are people, and there are a lot of them, which are absolutely alien complexes about their body. They are happy to have sex in daylight without bothering their extra kilograms. However, most women are still complexed due to the very image that we are imposed on the press and television. In this case, it is worthwhile, or whether it is necessary to mock yourself over yourself and its nervous system, because it is stressful for her – tune in to the proximity, for the upcoming satisfaction and because of fear of showing your body to suffer. Complex needs to be eradicated, you need to learn to love yourself as you are. But still you do not need to bring yourself to such a state.

This is not a call to give up sexual life if you have extra weight, as long as it disappears (and if it does not disappear?). Just if it becomes a hindrance for you, then you need to change something, and if you and your partner suits everything, then you don’t need to score. By the way, take a look, for example, on Monica Belucci. She is that the coat? No. But look at how sexy it is with their extra kilograms! Or take another monica that levino. What she did with the president?

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