Overview of all useful chamomile properties

Overview of all useful chamomile properties

All at home will definitely have a chamomile, as it is excellent antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, painful, anticonvulsant, disinfectant, sedative, choleretic and coating agent. Chamomile – multifunctional, all therapeutic and beneficial properties of this flower is difficult to list.

It has a rich and healing composition, it is distinguished by such substances as &# 8212; bitterness, mucus, gum, proteins, essential oil and others. Essential oil has azulene (Hamazulen), which contributes to the removal of inflammation. Also from this plant is distinguished by apiine and apigenin &# 8212; they have a spasmolytic property. It is due to therapeutic and useful properties of the chamomile is often used in medicine (folk) for the treatment of different diseases, as well as their warnings.

Chamomile can be used to treat adults and children, because it is a soft vegetable agent. In the treatment of different diseases, this plant brings significant benefits. It helps to get rid of chronic respiratory diseases, treats diathesis, eczema, dermatitis. This plant also treats women’s diseases, for example, a lamination of the menstrual cycle.

On this therapeutic and useful means of this plant do not end. In traditional medicine, it is widely used in the form of infusion, tea, bravery. Infusion you can rinse the throat, do a lot. You can also add it to the bath.

Chamomile tea is also useful. He will help get rid of insomnia, soothing nerves. It also helps to get rid of the colic stomach.

Useful properties of daisies are also widely used in traditional medicine. Consider some of them.

Medicinal properties

Recipe for soothing tea. To do this, brew 1 teaspoon of chamomile flowers. Leave to appease for 1 hour. Drink with insomnia and overwork, pre-adding 1 spoonful of honey (tea).

With meteorism, winder tea helps well. To do this, you need to make the following mixture – 6 parts of chamomile flowers, 1 part of the cumin and 4 parts of Valerian root. Pour 1 tablespoon of the above mixture with a glass of boiling water and give a broken 20 minutes. Eat in the morning and evening by half.

When inflammation, the gums use decoction. Prepare decoction easy. It is necessary in equal proportions (one teaspoon) mix daisy flowers, calendula flowers, a field and a hunter. Pour boiling water (1/2 liters), let half an hour. Rinse for a day 5-6 times.

Overview of all useful chamomile properties

Also well rinsed the throat with the infusion of chamomile flowers with an angina. You can add a lip to it – it is more efficient (on 3 parts of daisy flowers 2 pieces of linden flowers). Pour a glass of boiling water 20 grams of mixture. Let break in 20 minutes. The throat rinse cooked infusion several times a day.

Bladder or kidney diseases treat, taking a warm infusion from chamomile flowers. Take infusion you need to eat 3 times a day for a third of a glass.

1 tablespoon infusion of daisy flowers are taken in the spasms of the stomach and colic in the intestine. For this cup, boiling water brewed approximately 20 grams. Flowers. For the treatment of intestinal diseases, there are enemas from infusion chamomile.

A mixture of chamomile with other herbs treats cystitis. Prepare the following mixture – chamomile flowers, blue cornflower, ardor grass, hunter, corn springs (mix in equal quantity). 1, 5 liters of boiling water pour 1 tablespoon of cooked mixture, insist 60 minutes. Drink once a hour at 2 st. spoons with acute cystitis. Take until the abdominal will stop sharp pain.

Also, chamomile is added to the collection against obesity. The collection is preparing from such herbs: St. John’s wort, chamomile, cumin sandy, leaves of forest strawberries and birch kidneys (1. spoon). Pour two cups of water 3 tablespoons, insist within 12 hours. Drink half a cup.

So, given the numerous therapeutic and beneficial properties of the chamomile, keep at home some of this plant and use it &# 8212; Your health will benefit!

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