Overhead natural strands of hair

Overhead natural strands of hair

Therefore, the use of both artificial and natural strands in female hairstyles is quite relevant, since in a matter of minutes and without much effort can increase the length of the hair, to give a hairstyle unique overflow or shade and, of course, get a magnificent mace – What is not a dream of any girl?

Most very popular with women enjoy overheads from natural Slavic hair, as the hair of Slavs, unlike women of other nationalities, mostly bright and softer, obedient than, for example, the hair of the same blondes from Finland.

The advantages of using natural overhead strands of the hair in front of the rest of the decorations and corrections are adversely obvious – You can drastically change your usual image in a short time and create a unique hairstyle, to make a hairiness and volume, increase the length of the hair and create a coloring effect, due to mixing in the hairstyle of strands, close to your natural hair color.

Use overhead strands is very convenient – They are attached to special hairpins. Strands with one hairpin are usually attached under the hair and when used by their use is almost imperceptible under the hair. Typically, false strands are attached in such a manner – Starting with the widest and long strands, and ending with the Castle strands. At first they are attached strands «troika» – on three hairpins, then strands on four hairpins, the most recently attached strands to whiskey, the thinnest, on one hairpin. After that, when all overhead strands are fixed from below or inside the hairstyles, your own hair is released and a lush hairstyle of long hair is obtained.

Overhead strands are sold by standard sets, their length is 55-60 centimes. The shortest strands in the sets of patch strands are up to 50 centimeters, the longest – Overhead strands have a length of about 70 centimeters. The cost of such sets depends on the length of the invoice strands, their number in the set. Standard set usually contains a volume that is a hundred strands to build up.

Overhead natural strands of hair

If you do not satisfy the choice of invoices of strands, you can contact a special hairdresser and make an individual order on natural overheads, desired long, colors and volumes. Of course, it will cost a little more expensive than buying a standard set of overlaid strands, but most women prefer precisely such strands that are made to order.

Above the advantages and disadvantages of false natural or overhead artificial strands argue quite often, but the arguments on both sides are quite weighty, which does not allow allowing this dispute. Of course, natural strands look more natural and softer, they can be painted, curling and actually do with them all the same as with their own hair. But they are much more expensive than artificial overlaid strands and not as bright as they. Because of the brightness and availability, artificial strands prefer young fashionable, which helps him allocate on various youth events – Disco, parties.

Whatever artificial strands, but their indisputable advantages and the convenience of use is ahead of wigs and various means to give hair volume, and female hairstyles – Attractiveness.

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