Osin waist Are there any corsets for weight loss

Osin waist: Effective loss corsets?

T AKOM element of the female wardrobe, like a corset, for more than two centuries. Not so long ago it appeared «Descendants» — Slimming belts. They are called more often «Fitness corsets» or «Corsets for sports». I would never talk about this invention if there were no increasing questions about the feasibility of using it: «Is it possible to engage in it? Whether to use effectively after childbirth? Is it really helping to lose weight? Is it safe??»

A wide popularity of fitness corset received thanks to advertising: celebrities from everyone «Iron» tell that they lose it with it. But it has nothing to do with reality. I am sure they have achieved an ideal figure thanks to intensive training, proper nutrition, massage and cosmetology procedures. There is not a single scientifically confirmed fact proving the effectiveness of the corset. But people love to believe in miracles.

The secret of the success of this device is that as soon as you put it, pulling and hiding the tummy, you immediately «Those loose» and instantly became slimmer – Instant effect. And in training so go more pleasant – Pure psychology.

For the same reason, some women and today wearing classic corsets, corsages and pulling linens. These tricks help in any outfit look slimmer. But as soon as you take it off, overweight returns immediately.

Even if wearing a corset 24 hours a day, narrow the waist and remove the stomach will not work – The form is ensured by the work of the abdominal muscles.

With the constant wearing of the corset, you risks health: difficulty breathing and heart work, insufficient supply of oxygen and blood internal organs, – this is not all cons.

Using the corset during training does not allow the muscles to work in full force. Instead of training and strengthening them, lover of latex linen squeeze and deprive the load muscles.

Manufacturers claim to reduce the volume of the waist allows «Bath effect»: The skin under the corset sweats and together with then from the body there are toxins and fat. This statement is very far from the truth. With the same success, you can wind the body of the food film and start studying.

Osin waist Are there any corsets for weight loss

Proven: Any thermopoy, fitness corset from latex or food film allows the body to lose more moisture during training, but do not accelerate the disintegration of fats. During intensive physical exertion using such devices, there is a risk of dehydration. Outcome: The supply of cells with oxygen is reduced, the output of decomposition products and harmful substances is difficult. Muscles are faster crying («clogged») and start working worse. I would not recommend to play sports using corsets if you want training to go for you.

Is it possible to wear such a corset after childbirth?

It is important that the corset is from «breathing» material, — Create a greenhouse effect is not needed. If the goal is wearing — Fast abdomen reduction, use his first month after childbirth. However, I’m not sure that it will be more efficient than the usual postpartum bandage. Rather, on the contrary. Any device limiting body mobility, when used without strict testimony, cannot have a favorable effect.

Instead of wear a corset, better exercises that will effectively promote the formation of the waist: respiratory associated with strong muscle tension press.

And, of course, do not forget about proper nutrition and regular physical exertion. All these healthy ways will truly help you strengthen the body and get your dream figure.

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