Johnny Depp, Marilyn Monroe and other celebrities that became known by chance

Johnny Depp, Marilyn Monroe and other celebrities that became known by chance

The world could not know about the most talented and demanded actors of all times, if not a simple accident.

Alain Delon

Alain Delon did not differ in childhood ambitiousness – the future actor studied badly, because of what he was even excluded several times. Somehow graduating from school, Delon did not receive a higher education, and instead went to work in a meat shop. At the age of 17, he tried to build a military career, but also there because of disciplinary disorders could not move through the career stairs. After demobilization, he got a waiter in the beer in the Elysee fields. Soon, realizing the power of his charisma, Delon quit and began to go to castings. In 1956, the famous American impresario, Wilson Catcher, who offered him a contract for seven years in Hollywood. But under one condition: Delon was supposed to learn English for three months. At the same time, the French director Yves Allegris offered Delon a minor role in the picture "When a woman interferes". Delon used this chance and began his great path to the movies.

Marilyn Monroe

The future sex symbol and dream of millions began his career at a military factory, where he checked the parachutes and sprayed a refractory solution to airplanes. In one of the shifts of Joan Mortenson (real name Actress), her photographer from the YANK newspaper was noticed, who was looking for suitable stories to increase the morale of troops. As a result, the photo of the charming worker fell on the cover. Saying goodbye to your model, the photographer noted that she can conquer the world with such data. The norm listened to him, chosen on acting courses, changed her hair and very soon turned into a legendary blonde who knows and loves the whole world.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp, Marilyn Monroe and other celebrities that became known by chance

Johnny Depp since childhood dreamed of becoming famous, however, he did not think about the acting career – Depp was about the glory of the rock stars. Being a teenager, the actor performed in the groups of The Kids and P, but did not discourage loud success. At 20 years old Depp married the make-up of Laurie Ann Ellison. She introduced him to her friend – Nicholas Cage. Cage, having talked with Depp, instantly saw in him acting talent and persuaded to meet with the agent that arranged for Johnny the first in his life samples for the role in the "Nightmare on Elm Street". The director of the picture was fascinated by charisma and the originality of Depp and offered an actor without experience and portfolio of one of the leading roles. For some time, Depp hoped that the debut in the cinema would be a good help of his musical career, but soon disappointed with his head in acting.

Pamela Anderson

Harrison Ford

At the dawn career, Harrison Ford was absolutely not lucky: he failed almost all the castings, and if the actor was invited to the role, then during the post-production scenes with his participation cut out. Desperate to become successful and famous, but not wanting to leave Hollywood, he retrained and settled in one of the carpenter’s film studios. Once when listening to the role in the comedy of George Lucas "American Graffiti" Harrison Ford in one of the kinopavillons changed the door. The famous director noticed him and offered to participate – so Ford returned to his profession and became one of the most famous actors of the 20th century.

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