Japanese rejuvenating face massage lose a few years

Japanese rejuvenating face massage: lose a few years

Over the years, skin on the face begins to blame, wrinkles appear on it. This problem is especially cared for representatives of beautiful sex, which do not want to grow old. There are many ways, thanks to which you can return the face to the former beauty. Plastic surgery or expensive cosmetics come to mind. But there are many effective methods that can return the skin an attractive view without excess costs. These include Japanese rejuvenating face massage Asahi.

Massage Asahi

Japanese women are famous for flawless smooth skin without visible flaws. What is the secret of their long years of beauty? Proper nutrition, good cosmetics affect the overall condition of the skin, making it well-groomed, but it is for facial massage helps Japanese women look younger How to look younger: a set of measures as a new way of life even in old age.

Not so long ago, stylist Tanaka Yukuko Asahi has developed a technique ( "massage the morning sun"). He is unique in that it has an impact not only on the fabric covers the face, but also on the cranial bones, muscles and lymph nodes. stylist handed secret massage her grandmother, and Tanaka brought this technique almost to perfection.

Results of the continuous application of Asahi massage striking:

  • oval face becomes clearer and fit;
  • Japanese rejuvenating face massage lose a few years
  • forehead wrinkles gradually smoothed;
  • cheekbones become more pronounced;
  • bags under the eyes disappear;
  • nasolabial wrinkles become less visible;
  • neck becomes thinner and fit;
  • second chin is almost out;
  • skin in general becomes a well-groomed and healthy appearance.
  • The whole process takes only ten minutes a day and does not require much effort.

Description of technology

Massage has an effect on all those areas, including the chin and neck. It is previously applied to the skin massage oil or any fat cream. It is also very important to remember that every massage action should end with the final reception: fingers press firmly to the parotid region, hold them in a couple of seconds, the state, and then slowly, with constant pressure to lower his hands up to the collarbone. This movement, according to Yukiko, removes stagnant blood and lymph.

Massage itself consists of nine steps:

  • Massage the forehead – three fingers to smooth the forehead to the temples and finish completes the reception. Repeat three times.
  • Eye massage – middle fingers pressed against the inner corner of the eye and without a strong push outline of a circle around the eye sockets, and the last action of the closing reception. Repeat three times.
  • Massage nose – three fingers to massage the bridge of the nose and wings. In the end – the final reception. Repeat three times.
  • Massage around the lips – fingers strongly press to the chin and lead them around the mouth. Strongly press them in place above the upper lip. Further, as usual, the final manipulation. Repeat three or five times.
  • Massage cheeks and cheekbone – fingers press to the chin, and then lead them to the eyes. Leave in that position for three seconds. At the end – the final reception. Repeat – three times.
  • The cheek massage is one palm to press the cheek, and another to lead from the chin to the nearby area. Repeat three to five times. The same with the other side of the face.
  • Smoothing the cheeks – fingers to press the sides of the nose and with the power to lead them to the ears, ending the action by the final reception. Need to repeat three times.
  • Massage cheekbone – the base of the palms to press to the wings of the nose and with pressure to lead them to the ears, and then lower to the clavicle, repeating the action three times.
  • Smoothing of the chin – the foundation of the palms to press to the center of the chin and lead them to the Oval of the face to the near-wing area, and then end the massage with the final reception.

This simple procedure helps to get rid of noticeable imperfections of the person, as a result of which a person seems to young people for several years.

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