It’s time to marry “,” It’s time to give birth “how to dodge the rink of public opinion

"It’s time to marry", "It’s time to give birth": how to dodge the rink of public opinion

«When married you get out? And it’s not time to give birth? Chesic tick!». Any girl after thirty heard similar tactless questions. Some in response are angry, others are sobbing, and the third perceive as a hint of their own inconsistency and fall into Handra.

Each of us throughout life falls under the rink of social norms — "We need" to finish the institute, get married, give birth to children, buy an apartment, build a house, make something else, third. Where childhood has passed, its own planks of achievements and "time scale". In small cities, it was accepted earlier to create families, in megalopolis later. Nevertheless, the unmarried woman after thirty and there and there are sympathetic views. Characteristic "Thirty and she is lonely" sounds not in an approving tone.

"Horsiks are ticking" – not good wisdom, but a hint with a gender bell tower for female time.

History Olga, 33 years old

"We have always had warm and trusting relationships with my mother, — Talks 33-year-old Olga. – But when I braked thirty suddenly it became difficult to communicate. And generally meet. What we would have spoken with it, she coarse the conversation for nothing to do with the desire to become a grandmother. All right, I would say these nonsense with an eye on the eye, so no. Adores the guests to bloom. "How I envy those who have grandchildren, the meaning of life … I ask Olenka, I ask, but I will do it, but it will be too late.". I sit at the table, I catch an assessing or sympathetic views on myself. But what children, if I am not married and not going?!".

The girl feels "disassembled" from maternal tactlessness. "Honestly, I consider myself a person. No children and that? But I have an excellent profession that I love, good earnings and great opportunities. I appreciate what I have, I am happy with freedom. I absolutely do not want all this family slavery — Borshi, diaper … but it is possible that I will want it all when I love a good guy ".

It's time to marry

The absence of a nearby person for her – not a reason to be upset. Love in bakery is not for sale, it should be waited. And when it comes, do not take immediately in full support to the altar. Marriage — Not a goal. But Mom does not think so and sure that the daughter is very mistaken.

"She suddenly decided to acquaint me with sons / relatives of his girlfriends. Trying to arrange terrible, as if random meetings. And I do not need it at all! Men pay attention to me, never had with it. But Mom decided that my watch was so quickly ticking what could be said — The train practically left and the rails disassembled. And her task is hurry and drag for my hand ".

Olga came with the request, how she behaves with his mother. Since the relationship rushes with space speed.

"For three months I am inventing excuses not to come to my parents on Sunday dinners that loved before. Soon mom’s birthday, and it means that she will again begin to crush over the absence of my family. And I will have to die from shame. Or just do not go, what will mean the insult to the end of life. ".

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