It’s time or not for a long time you really need to prepare for the summer in the gym

It’s time or not? How long do you really need to prepare for the summer in the gym

How often do we postpone the process of bringing your body in order «to summer» until the last moment? Is it really actually to come in an ideal form in a short time?

Every year a couple of months before summer, the same story is observed in fitness clubs — Everyone is torn to lose weight, pump the right and remove unnecessary to shine in bikini in all. In this case, we give a promise to put yourself in order in the winter, but all postpone and postpone the process. Admit you, you also did?

Meanwhile, experts argue that to create a really beautiful and healthy body need not less than 8-9 months . So starting to prepare for the summer cost no later than … from autumn.

Why preparing for the summer can not be short?

Make a reservation immediately, you can lose weight and for a very short period. But you will not benefit. Extreme diet and killer training will apply only harm to your health. In addition, they do not bring a long result, and all you have dropped to the summer, will return very soon, and even with the additive.

Besides, a beautiful body — it’s not just a thin body, it is tightened muscles. And to pull the muscles, they need to be prepared, and only then start creating an ideal figure.

Create a dream body by summer. Stages:

1. Autumn. We produce habit

As a rule, those who are not engaged in sports are striving to lose weight. That is, the process of creating an ideal figure begins in fact from scratch. The body must get used to the sport, for this require regular classes and regular proper nutrition. Without extreme restrictions and gentle training. All this will protect your body (bundles, joints) and health (heart work).

By the way, it is not necessary to go to the gym at all, you can do at home. The main thing — It is the regularity and development of habits (not only with you, but also from your family and the whole environment so that no one knocked you on the way to the goal).

2. Winter. Training muscles

You have already drawn into sports. It’s time to start training the muscles. Without them, the perfect figure is difficult to loose. Even if you lose weight, the tone does not have a body.

Important! At this stage you can even gain weight — Since the muscles will grow. Do not worry, it’s good and briefly. Then weight loss will be given easier — After all, developed muscles are much faster than energy, metabolism is accelerated, calories are burned several times more, and not only during training, but also in calm state.

3. Spring. Burn fat

It's time or not for a long time you really need to prepare for the summer in the gym

At the last stage of preparation, it is even more careful to keep up the nutrition (but not to sit on an extreme diet), diversify training (now attention is paid not so much power as cardio and interval training) and we work out the remaining problem areas.

Tips to help you in the process:

Do not go on loud promises and do not do themselves

Lose weight more than 1.5 kg per week, dangerous. Do not listen to those who promise you too quick results. And really calculate how much and for what period you can lose.

Stop constantly weighing

Weight can ride there and here, while your reflection will say much more than the scales. Healthy muscles can weigh more than just a thinning body — But you will look much better.

Put the cosmetic procedure

Sometimes even slimming and pumping muscle excess skin is difficult to remove. You will be helped by massages that are being offered today in a large assortment. In addition, the SPA session will perfectly raise the mood that during work on itself it is very important.

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