How to raise the mood

How to raise the mood

Sometimes we are so tired physically and morally, that we lose all interest in what is happening around. Every day filled with routine, gray and monotony&# 8230; We always envy people who know how to find positive parties. But enough about sad! Let’s learn to live on a positive. With the help of 15 simple ways you can improve your mood in gray weekdays.

1. Your mood at the plinth level? It happens, no one is insured.

2. Think over the reasons because it spoiled. You can help the following questions. When you last ate? When was the last time you went outdoer? When was the last time you sat down? If you know what contributes to your bad mood, try to prevent this in the future.

3. What is for you happiness? Give the definition of this concept, preferably in writing. It will help you to realize what you are aspire and what has already achieved.

4. Thanks to physical training, hormone of happiness is produced &# 8211; Endorphin. Almost all know about it. But many forget that yoga and sex &# 8211; This is also fitness.

5. Your colleague was raised, the girlfriend raised the salary, and the neighbor was lucky in the lottery? It is not surprising that when we compare themselves with someone, our self-esteem falls. You do not have to forget about your virtues and benefits before others!

6. It is known that pastel shades are driven by negative. Paint the walls in your room, replace the curtains or purchase a new element of the interior, for example,.

7. Many women suffer from postsenmi Handra. Therefore, it is better to prepare in advance.

eight. Collect together the items with which you only associate pleasant memories. It may be a book, a photo album, a song with your wedding or a linked knitted. Let these things always be ready!

nine. Help others contributes to a good mood and improve self-esteem. You never noticed? When you make a coffee at work, cook at the same time and colleague. Periodically make compliments to your acquaintances, their smile will have a positive effect on your well-being.

How to raise the mood

ten. Every evening you remember that good and interesting happened to you during the day. Start from the ray of the sun, which made his way through the clouds and shone into your window.

eleven. Join the Internet Movement &# 8220; 100 days of positive&# 8221;. Each participant should write daily in the status of something good and life-affirming. It does not matter what it will be: gratitude to a friend for support or just a photo of your cat. It is important to hold out 100 days! People who have passed this &# 8220; test&# 8221; say that they began to look at life differently, more positive.

12. Once in 1-2 weeks make a pleasant purchase. Things do not have to be expensive.

13. For example, replace your lipstick on a brighter, buy a notepad or a new mug to work. And, most importantly, tell me that this is a prize for your merits and good deeds.

fourteen. Try to stay near the mirror not more than 5 minutes. And not in order to make makeup. Wink yourself, Cort the face, put a tongue &# 8211; Do anything! From the point of view of psychologists, our subconsciously remembers all funny faces and then reproduces emotions that can cause such fun.

15. Write yourself a letter. But in a not too far future, but, let’s say, next Monday. Wish you a good day and good mood, praise. You will be pleased to get support words!

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