How to overcome uncertainty

How to overcome uncertainty

A huge number of people suffers from self-satisfaction. It hurts to live greatly, because instead of acting, developing and performing dreams, a person constantly thinks that he never happens. And in case of annoying failure, thoughts about their own worthlessness do not give rest.

If the insecurity literally pursues a person and does not allow him to feel happy, then it is better to turn to a professional psychologist, but if it is impossible for some reason, you can try to handle yourself. This can help the following advice.

1. Understand yourself, that is, try to understand "Where the legs grow from". It requires a lot of time and effort, because "self-confidence" is very complex and not very pleasant process. Most people have a problem of self-satisfaction with their childhood. The reason can be all anything: someone friends in childhood teased with a scikeman and a weak, someone’s parents called a terrible. And these people have grown and turned into a strong sports man and a beautiful, charming woman, but the feeling that they are not good enough for other people, it remains.

2. Need to constantly praise yourself for all the achievements, even the smallest and minor. It may be in time a draft report at work, a well-selected set of things for a hike in a restaurant, new foreign words that managed to learn. During the day, there should be a lot of reasons for praise, and if they are practically not found, it is a disturbing sign that signs that self-esteem is striving for zero.

3. But scold yourself for all annoying missions. Uncertain people in themselves love to engage in self-vaccination and even get a kind of pleasure from this process. You just need to make appropriate conclusions from failure and drive all the dark thoughts about your own worthlessness.

4. Do not be afraid to offend other people with refusal or disagreement. For example, it is not necessary to agree to the request of a colleague for work to replace it on duty, subject to its own weekend plans. People with understated self-esteem are often trying to achieve love others, sacrificing their own interests, but this is the root of the wrong way to solve the problem. Respect others, no doubt, only with a small reservation, that it should be mutually.

How to overcome uncertainty

5. Learn new skills and bring them to perfection. The more in this life, a person can, the more he is confident. You can learn anything: crochet, oriental martial arts, programming languages, speed, playing guitar. All new knowledge needs to be grinding and bringing to perfection, because the virtuoso possession of any skill will help to significantly increase self-esteem.

6. Give yourself small promises and fulfill them in mandatory. For example, take a word from myself half an hour before and hold it on. This small psychological reception will create a sense of own reliability and will help give confidence.

7. Travel more. New places, impressions will help to distract from the ordinary and revise their life position. In addition, insecure people often limit their circle of communication, and in the journey will probably have to talk to unfamiliar people. This can be a positive psychological "shakement", which will benefit on self-esteem.

No need to spend precious time in fears of being incomprehensible and thoughts about your own worthlessness, it is better to remember that life alone and live it as you really want.

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