How to lose weight correct

How to lose weight correct

Diet, starvation, fractional food, which just do not come up with people to get rid of hateful kilograms. At the same time, forgetting that not only the mouth and the gastrointestinal tract participate in the process of eating.

Stop for a minute, leave on the rest of the racing for the new ways of losing weight and strive. Answer yourself to the question that it is more important for you – an arrow on scales, showing a smaller weight? Or health, self-confidence, beauty, youth, power, beautiful clothes, new opportunities?

Awareness of the real reason why you want to gain harmony will lead you to understand how to eat right to lose weight, more details on the link. You can, not straining, gradually, change your image of action, and your life will transform.

The main snag is that the body does not like changes, and therefore it needs to be prepared for transfigurations. This issue helps the maintenance of a food diary. Before putting another piece of food in the mouth – write down in a notebook or notepad, why do you want to do it. But there is one important condition – you need to record absolutely everything you ate or drank during the day.

Wanted to drink water – recorded in the notebook. Seeds want to skip or a sandwich with lard to eat – yes, please, only describe your feelings and, most importantly, the reason why you decided to do it now. Because there is nothing to do, boring, nervous because of work or family affairs, and food will help you calm down? So it can better accept sedative – infusion of valerian or mother-in-law?

If you really want to eat – Eat! And you don’t need to scold my last words, once the body asks, it means there is a reason for this. Your task is to figure it out why you do it.

When you already put food in your mouth – do not hurry! Feel the taste of each ingredient of your dish. Council chew up 32 times – he, in general, is correct. But the meaning is not to turn your teeth in the millstone, the meaning is to enjoy food. The one you accept now. Try to donate all other things during meals, focus on every piece, feel His taste and fragrance. After a while you are surprised to find that in order to be satisfied, you need much less food.

Starting to conduct a food diary and analyze the records, consciously approach the food process and movement, man seems to gain wings. Dropping extra kilograms from themselves, is released with them from pain in the joints, it begins to breathe deeply and freely, in the morning he wakes up with joy and desire to live. The heart flies not from shortness of breath, and from interested views of men (or women). Beautiful clothing, inaccessible earlier, gives additional confidence. The eyes glow, the skin shines, the day seems to increase, because a person has time to do much more affairs, because he now has enough forces for this.

You can say – &# 8220; What nonsense, here, I will write that I feel when I eat, yes, let me go!&# 8221;

But try to do it at least for a month – and you just amazed the result. You may not get rid of 30 kilograms, but you are guaranteed to feel better and easier.

The reasons why informed food is better than strict diets:

How to lose weight correct

The process of change occurs gradually;

You do not need to make any special efforts, except for one – constantly record and analyze your actions for 30-40 days;

The concept of "disruption" in such a system simply does not exist! You do not forbid anything! Just eat and do everything consciously!

Since there is no element of violence, there is no nervous voltage, writing out your thoughts and steps on paper, you kind of getting rid of them;

As a result of the previous paragraph, you become calmer and more confident, and therefore faster achieving success and in other areas of your life.

When after two or three weeks you will catch an envious or delighted view of colleagues – do not be surprised, just your magic habit. Imperceptibly for ourselves you began to give preference to food that transforms you outwardly and internally.

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