How to clarify the skin between the legs – folk remedies and procedures

How to clarify the skin between the legs – folk remedies and procedures

This is not a mandatory body care, but sometimes on how to whiten the skin in intimate places, women are thinking due to the fact that pigmentation is different from the total tone of the skin.

What to check before applying any whitening method?

To eliminate the application of serious harm, before acting, you need to accurately establish why the skin in the delicate zone became dark. At best, in case of ill-conceived actions, you just do not achieve any effect.

Uselessly lightening skin cover, if you are in principle from the birth of a mumble, and the bikini zone has never been a lighter body.

It also makes no sense to refer to cosmetology if the darkening is caused by hormonal changes – including in sexual maturation in adolescents, during pregnancy and menu. Here can help an endocrinologist.

Also contraindications to different ways of lightening – diabetes, diseases of the skin of any character, vitiligo, photodermatitis, unexplored mechanical damage to the skin, burns and allergic rashes.

But if the skin is healthy, you can try to remove excessive tan (including from the solarium) or, for example, stains after scuffs from cramped linen.

Salon technology

The most efficient, proven and safe method, how to lighten the skin between the legs, is considered to whiten the phototherapy . This is a procedure that slows down the production of melanin. For a pronounced effect, it will be necessary to pass the cycle of procedures (how much exactly depends on how dark skin is initially and what shade you plan to achieve).

In beauty salons or clinics of aesthetic medicine, experts will select optimal care procedures

Also effectively laser whitening is the only method with which you can make whitening the entire visible part of the female genital organs, including the plots of mucous membrane. This is preferably not in the cabin, but in the clinic it is a medical procedure. And phototherapy, and laser whitening is painless and will not cause chemical burn.

There are bleaching creams (they can also advise them in the salon to consolidate the effects effect). Cream or ointment can reduce melanin production.

How to clarify the skin between the legs - folk remedies and procedures

Homemade whitening recipes

At home, you can also clarify delicate areas of the skin, but it is important to observe the maximum accuracy to avoid serious irritation.

Recipes of bleaching compositions are mainly based on an acid component.

  • 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and 0.5 st. Spoons of ammonia alcohol. Flush this mixture in 3-5 minutes, and the visible effect is promised after 10 procedures.
  • Sour fruit fruits (lemon, grapefruit, grenade).
  • Masks from lemon juice and clay or coffee grounds. Lemon whitens, and white clay particles or coffee grains have a peeling effect.

Coffee scrub with lemon will update the skin and make it lighter

Whatever the method and tool you choose, apply it only on the skin of the groin, but not on the mucous membranes (they include sex lips, and folds around the anus). Through the mucous, it is easy to apply an infection or secure strong irritation for several days.

If you fear to decide on some of the procedures, "beautiful and successful" reminds that whiteness of the skin between the legs is not related to the health and condition of the genitals – this is only aesthetic purpose. Fashion on the whitening of the bikini zone is not at all, if you are healthy, and pigmentation is not related to dermatological problems.

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