How to choose

How to choose?

Decorations always attracted women. But not everyone knows how to choose the right decorations and how to wear them.

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Photo gallery: how to choose the right decorations?

Historians still continue disputes on the issue – What appeared before clothes or decorations. Primitive people in every way decorated their body beads, necklaces of animal teeth, earrings. What is the secret of these seemingly baubles. Why decorations do not lose their popularity?

From history, we know that the clothes of the ancient people were quite primitive, was just the subject of essential. But the decorations were not just an accessory, but were a certain sign of differences, an indicator of social status, reflected the material wealth of the owner. In those days, no one cared for whether this decoration was coming to the exterior. Their appointment was not an emphasis of beauty, but only a reflection of social status and material wealth. Jewels were inherited over many generations.

Today, it is this role that decorations are assigned. Complement and emphasize the beauty of a woman and her image. The most important thing when choosing accessories does not overdo it, do not turn into clown or New Year tree. Everything should be in moderation. But do not even neglect decorations. After all, even the most expensive suit or stylish dress without additional accessories can turn into a tasteless, the poor thing. And vice versa. Even the simplest, nonsense dress, complemented correctly selected decorations, turns into a royal outfit.

Every woman wonders how to choose the right decoration to create a unique, stylish image. The easiest way to choose decorations under a certain outfit, taking into account the quality of the fabric, its purpose. Than fabric is easier and cheaper, the cheaper and elegant should be decoration. In this case, harmony is achieved.

How to choose

Natives in a sporting style of denim or cloak fabric are best suited to decorate in strict style. Material – Melchior, Metal, Silver, Ceramics, Leather, Tree. The shape of the decorations should be geometric.

Business costumes from wool and flannels are perfectly combined with the same decorations as sports outfits. Admissible decorations with semi-precious stones: translucent or impenetrable agate, corals, turquoise, «Tiger’s Eye»…

If your outfit is sewn from light, air fabric – Silk, chiffon, tightness, then decorations should be light, textured, with silky surfaces. Such stones like, sapphire, aquamarine or pearls fit perfectly.

When buying a new decoration, make sure that it will suit you that it will emphasize your beauty, and not vice versa. The decoration must match the age, the type of appearance, the complex and, of course, along. If you are not sure of your choice, it is better to give up the purchase. And when entering light, without confidence in the impeccability of the choice of decoration, it is better to abandon accessories at all.

Often cute ladies forget that each age corresponds to a certain style of jewelry. Young girls will look silly with heavy, massive accessories. Massive gold rings, bulky earrings-pendants, large precious and semi-precious stones are suitable for older women. And vice versa. Serious women aged can not allow themselves frivolous trendy trinkets.

Unforgettable Coco Chanel said that in order to achieve elegance, the quantity should be replaced with quality. Of all that wearing a woman, it is better to remove anything, than to add something else.

Do not forget the main thing: the decorations created to decorate, and not for other purposes. How to choose the right decorations every woman decides itself, relying on their tastes and opportunities. So let your desires coincide with the possibilities. Be yourself decoration.

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