How to choose a female costume – everything is simple and tasteful

How to choose a female costume – everything is simple and tasteful

A good suit gives a business look and decorate a woman. Choose a business suit sometimes it is not easy, as kinds of costume countless, and find one that will emphasize the dignity without going beyond the fraction of decency, it will be difficult. But there is a solution.

Types of costumes

  • Suit with skirt

This is a classic version of the business female costume – jacket and skirt from the same fabric. The most conservative suit is a fitted jacket and a narrow skirt. But there are many options for cutting and costume design.

  • Suit with trousers

Created to imitate a male suit, female trouser costume women’s trouser suits: Modern chic has long become a classic. Well sitting woolen suit with trousers and jacket will be an excellent choice for almost any office. And if you have a more free dress code, then you can wear trouser suits of lighter fabrics.

  • A set of three items

Some female costumes are sold in the form of combined jacket with what wearing jackets: types of figures, trousers and skirts. This is a good choice, because you actually get two suit.

Styles costum

  • Business
How to choose a female costume - everything is simple and tasteful

For office suitable monophonic suits of neutral colors. You will look professional in a suit with a skirt to the knees or with straight trousers. Conservative Style also assumes a white blouse.

  • Evening

Costumes sew not only for work. For solemn events, such as weddings, dinner dinners or theatrical premieres, you can wear an evening version of the costume. They are sewed from elegant fabrics, for example, satin, silk, taffeta, and decorate feminine details – ruffles or embroidery.

  • Business Casual

Costumes are more and less strict. If you have a business causal style in your office, you can wear suits from lightweight fabrics, such as cotton or flax, and choose more fashionable models. If you wish, you can wear a piece of suit separately or connect elements of different costumes.

How to wear a suit

  • Details

Details of the costume are important because they influence the overall impression. A single-breasted costume looks less elegant than double-breasted. Cutting on waist jacket emphasizes the figure. Pay attention to similar details by choosing a suit.

  • Circling

Trying on the costume, make sure that you are comfortable to stand in it and sit at the table. The fabric should not hang or wrinkle anywhere. Jacket should be smoothly sitting in the shoulders, the lower edge must reach the hips, and the sleeves – wrists. Pants and skirts must sit comfortably – you should have the opportunity to insert two fingers between the waist and the belt.

  • Accessories

All you wear with a suit is very important to create an image. Accessories must come to a suit. To look like a business woman, choose a blouse brighter than a suit, and several basic accessories – leather bag and simple jewelry. In the style of business causal, you can afford a bright blouse or top and more noticeable jewelry.

Care and storage

  • Cleaning

Most costumes require dry cleaning. Such costumes should not be able to wash on their own, you can use the cleaning of steam. Always give it to clean both parts of the costume at the same time.

  • Storage

Always hang suit on good wooden shoulders to keep the form. What is free to hang things in the closet, the less costume will sweep. When storing woolen costumes, use the means that scare mole.

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