How to choose a fashionable frame for glasses

How to choose a fashionable frame for glasses?

Problems with vision – a frequent case in the modern world. Specialists connect this with an excessive time for small gadget screens. To help in this case there will be glasses that will help to adjust vision and emphasize your style.

Yes, and I have to say that this accessory has long been used not only to those who have bad eyesight, and those who want to add a note of the originality.

What rim it is to choose to be in trend, let’s tell.

Consider purchasing

In fashion variety. Designers recommend paying special attention to beams, colored and combined (plastic + metal) model.

Still trend remains black classic that is suitable for any style.

How to choose correctly, taking into account the features of the face?

  1. Hauleniks. Initially, they are located clearly parallel to each other. So it should be in the process of socks. If the rim is small, the towers will put pressure and quickly lead to the deformation of the accessory. If it is great, there will be too much gap between the face and glasses, and you can easily lose them.
  2. The form. It must be the opposite form of face. So, for example, clear lines are suitable, pointed angles. Square – round. But the owners of the oval face were lucky – they will suit any form.
  3. The ratio of glass and rims thickness. If the lenses are thick, give up the fine framing. It will not only look too aesthetic, but can lead to a distortion seen.
  4. Material. Now his choice is very extensive. Continues to remain fashionable metal, due to their hypoallergency, reliability and durability.

Does not give up its position and plastic. His undoubted plus is the wealth of colors and drawings.

Dear and exquisite horny rims look – real status things.

What in trend?

Chief Council of Stylists – Do not be afraid to experiment. Chief Council of Ophthalmologists – Do not follow blindly fashion, pay close attention to comfort.

We made a small list of stylish frames, among which you will definitely find the perfect.

How to choose a fashionable frame for glasses


It has been popular for several seasons and is suitable for almost everyone. Exception – Women with a narrow face. A large form will hide too much, along the "Ukr" and individuality.

Oversiz – the perfect choice for short-sighted girls

Feline eye

Gives an image of femininity and playfulness, being universal. Trendy models are considered animal print – bright and sexy.

If you fell in love, but you want to "calm down a little", then you should choose calm shades – beige, brown, gray, white.


Tiraches – the special love of those who love to stand out from the crowd. They are recommended for women with a sharp chin and an oval face. In this case, the chapets soften appearance slightly and balance the features.

For a square type, this is not the best model, but if you really want to pick bright colors.


They were so loved by all their versatility, which quickly moved from the discharge of sunscreen in the category "for sight" by changing the lenses on transparent.

Classic Metal Models, as well as plastic with leather inserts are popular. Innovative idea – Folding aviators for those who do not use glasses constantly. In folded form they are easily placed in a pocket of a jacket or a small clutch.

Without rim

In fact, this is an optical illusion. Framing is, but only at the top, which allows you to make glasses with practically imperceptible.

Perfectly combined with a classic and business style, does not attract unnecessary attention, but at the same time, gives the image of the raisher.

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